What the Best You Can Get From the Auto Body Shop

Collision Repair shops in greensboro nc
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The choice of a car spare part should not be neglected. Indeed, a counterfeit component can lead to irreversible accidents, so be wary. There are three main categories of auto parts and the Collision Repair shops in greensboro nc offers all.

Original manufacturer’s parts (OEM)

These are service parts offered under concession that come directly from a manufacturing company mandated by the manufacturer such as Peugeot. Spare parts are manufactured according to strict and controlled specifications to guarantee their quality.

Adaptable parts

Also called second source parts, the adaptable parts look like the origin. They are sold by all manufacturers such as CEVAM, VALEO, HELLA, BOCH.

Reused or used parts

These are easily recognizable since they come directly from the auto recycling sector. They come from damaged cars or end of life. Before being marketed in End-of-Life Vehicle Center ELV, they are carefully checked and tested to ensure that they are in good working order.

To change the parts of his car: what does the law say?

Collision Repair shops in greensboro nc

Contrary to what one might think, the replacement of auto parts must comply with certain regulations, especially the manufacturer’s standards. Before choosing the right parts for your car on specialized platforms, you must respect:  Technical standards required by manufacturers

  • Security,
  • Test methods,
  • The environment.
  • When replacing your parts, check that they are compliant:
  • European standards,
  • Current regulations.

To maintain one’s self: which organs are frequently replaced?

The maintenance or the repair of a vehicle passes by the replacement of the defective parts. Here is a non-exhaustive list of bodies that must be regularly checked before replacement.

Engine: starter, clutch, injector, turbo, cylinder head, air or fuel filter, spark plug, distribution kit,

Braking: brake pads, disc and cable, drum, jaw,

Steering: suspension arm, steering ball joint, stabilizer bar,

Rolling stock: tires, bearings, shock absorbers, ball joints, universal joints,

Lighting: bulb, fire or lighthouse, optics,

Body: front and rear bumpers, rockers, mirrors, bonnet, doors, fenders, tailgate,

Exhaust: catalytic converter, silencer,

Air conditioning: cabin filter, compressor,

Heating or ventilation: thermostat, air blower, radiator, probe.

Choose the parts of your vehicle: who to contact?

Like the majority of the retail and distribution sectors, the world of auto parts is not immune to counterfeiting, making the choice of a spare parts dealer more complicated. Nevertheless, you can always turn to:

  • Auto distribution networks: for new auto spare parts,
  • Auto breaks (VHU): for used parts,
  • Standard exchanges: parts sold at discount or reconditioned prices

Looking for spare parts for your car? Spare parts or car parts may allow you to modify or even replace original parts of your vehicle. There are many reasons that can make you change them. You need to repair or want to customize your car? Do you want to make it more economical or more powerful? Whatever the reason for your purchase, it is important to choose the right part for your car.

Take your time

Give yourself time to choose the right part for your car. You must determine the piece to find at the risk of misleading your purchases. Professionals in the field of auto mechanics in Saguenay can help you check the compatibility of the part with your vehicle. This will allow you not only to not make unnecessary expenses, but also to find the most suitable room for your vehicle. For this, it is essential, if not mandatory, to determine the following points before you start hunting for parts.