What Makes the Making of the Family Tree So Special for you Now

Professional Family Tree Research, Hire a Researcher, Professional Research
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The development of the internet and information and communication technologies over the past decade has revived the popularity of genealogy in France. There are more and more amateur genealogists looking for their filiation! Here are some tips for creating your family tree. The Professional Family Tree Research, Hire a Researcher, Professional Research is essential in this matter now. You can actually Hire a Researcher  and come up with the best deals now.

Determine What Research To Perform

The first step to create your family tree easily is to question the elements of filiation that you want to discover. Genealogists speak of ascending genealogy when you are only looking for your ancestors while a descendant genealogy will concern your ancestors and the descendants of them. With the best Professional Research persons for the same, you can come up with the best choices now.

In the first case, the creation of the family tree remains easier to implement while, in the second, you will have to conduct a real investigation.

In here, one can, globally, hope to go back to the 17th century in the search for his ancestors. However, some regions have archives that do not date as long ago. It is also necessary to take into account the social environment of the different people of filiation: in noble families, genealogists manage to go back to the Middle Ages.

Genealogy Ascending Or Descending?

The choice of the type of family tree that you want to create is primarily a function of the time you have and your interest in genealogy.

The ascending genealogy is the simplest for a beginner. It can be realized in two different ways:

You start your tree taking you as a starting point and you trace the parentage by listing all the men in your family until exhaustion of the archives

You take your point of departure and you search all your ancestors, feminine and masculine until a certain generation or until exhaustion of the archives

Downward genealogy takes longer, and is often more complicated. It is a question of registering all your ancestors, as well as the filiations of each one of them …

Start Investigation

After choosing the type of family tree to create, you will start by taking stock of everything you know about your family. To classify and organize this information, there are genealogy software that makes your life easier.

On the internet, sites even offer free family trees that help you during your research. In fact, identifying all this information involves photocopying or reading all the useful information: family booklets, notarial deeds, photos, diplomas, newspapers, baptismal certificates, etc.

Professional Family Tree Research, Hire a Researcher, Professional Research

Your research will lead you quickly to the field, a must to create your family tree.

In The Field

Field research mainly concerns acts of civil status in the town hall and consultation of departmental or national archives and other more specific deposits: army, archives of bishoprics, Protestants, diocesan. It is sometimes necessary also to return to cemeteries to complete the filiation of an ancestor and raise the inscriptions on the graves.

Finally, to create your family tree, do not hesitate to contact the genealogists associations in your area or on the internet. They will refer you to your research for complications or obstacles and provide you with sound advice for creating your family tree.