The Best That You Can Have With Furniture Moving

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The change is now: you will move. You are already drowning under a ton of cartons, lost under a mass of paperwork and nerves alive. To help you succeed in this important step, experts have listed the main steps to take before and during your move. This check-list of the perfect mover will serve you well. Regarding the شركة نقل عفش بجدة this is important now.

I’m planning

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You gave your notice to your landlord. The marathon move is well and truly launched. In a few weeks, you will move without any problem. And for good reason, you will establish a schedule to keep you. To get it right in the head, we advise you to hang on the door of the family fridge. She will be aware of the construction site in action. No excuses will be accepted for not participating.

The move will involve several steps: contacting friends if you want to move cheaply, book a mover, put an order in his paperwork, learn about the move, get enough boxes, sort out his business, give the surplus and make a successful move on D-Day. But if, we swear you will get away with perfection.

I estimate the volume to be moved

Before you start looking for a good mover or contact your friends to help you help on D-day, we advise you to measure the volume of your business which usually surprises. The years go by and we pile up, so for a good measure, we cannot really recommend the experience of online measurement.

Some sites specialized in the move offer you to estimate in just a few clicks your volume to move. During a virtual visit to a classic house, you will be able to select the furniture you have at home to arrive at a total volume. Of course, we always advise you to count more than the result of the calculator. This will avoid bad surprises.

I spot the places

Your move is for a few weeks. Certainly, know that the day is preparing well ahead. After estimating its volume to move, we attack a location tracking to better organize its plan of attack. And yes, before contacting anyone, we carefully analyze the best method to use and for that we take notes.

  • It is estimated the journey time between old and new accommodation if, the day will help you for the duration of the vehicle.
  • For apartments, we observe carefully to know if the sofa would pass correctly on the stairs if the building is equipped with a lift. In any case, a meter in hand, it will be necessary to take measurements of places to avoid bad surprises on the day
  • On the scene, we look at whether it is possible to park easily for a truck. Otherwise, you will have to contact your town hall to issue a parking permit.

This is where business gets tough: depending on your city, the techniques for obtaining this authorization differ. You can obtain it either on the Internet or by going directly in the town hall. Attention, the prices vary according to the cities. You need to consult the site to consult to find a comparative table of prices and accessions according to the cities.