Smartest Details for the Perfect Caller ID Choice

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Are you constantly bugged by marketers calling you? Receive frequent calls from unknown numbers and want to know who they are before answering? There are many ways to track a phone number, some legal, some not so much. We will show you some of the legal ways. With angerufen you can have the best deals now.

Telemarketing dipped in the early 21st century but seems to have had something of a renaissance over the past few years. You get more calls than ever from telemarketers offering you health insurance, accident damage, lower cell phone bills and all kinds of things you don’t need. You tend to block all unknown numbers, but some legitimate companies use limited numbers, which can make life difficult. Here are some ways to track a phone number.

Call them back


If the number calling you is not limited, it is easiest to find out who owns it, to call it. You can use a phone or someone else’s phone if you prefer, but calling it should quickly reveal who it is that is calling you. If it is a company that uses an automatic call feature to call out, they should at least have an answering machine for incoming calls. Other companies must have a receptionist or agent available to pick up the call.

Use search to track a phone number

We Google everything else, why not Google a phone number too? As long as it’s not limited, just put the whole number in a search engine and see where it goes. Be sure to include area code for the best results. Sometimes it will be marked as a scammer, marketer or annoying caller. Sometimes it will identify a legitimate company. This method does not always work and it does not work on cell numbers or restricted numbers. Considering it only takes a few seconds, it’s worth a try.

Use social media to track a phone number

A quick search on Facebook or Twitter could quickly reveal who owns that number or point to other posts complaining about nasty calls from it.

Use reverse phone search

Although 75 percent of people are on the donotcall registry, it doesn’t stop annoying calls. Another way to identify who owns a number if the above methods do not work is to use a reverse phone lookup. There are a number of websites that offer free lookup to help identify who owns a number. Services like Instant Checkmate offer these features. The advantage of using one of these is that they work on cell phones as well as landlines.

How about if the number doesn’t have a caller ID, is restricted or comes up as unknown? All of the above methods require the number to be presented for work. As many marketers store their number, what do you do?

Ask your network

They may also offer to block this call at the network level to prevent it from reaching you. A lot depends on where you live, what the laws are in your region and the provider. Ask them to find out what they can do for you.

Use an unmasking service

If the calls become a real nuisance, you can pay for a premium service that can act as an intermediary. Some services will convert the number and present it instead of ‘No Caller ID’, some will not. Some services will then offer to blacklist or completely block numbers as well.