Loans and Your Best Chances

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This is perhaps the most laborious item on that list. Planning a financial projection is not easy. It is important to be realistic, show that the company will do well financially in the coming years and be able to pay the installments of the financing. The tip is to vary the variables of income, costs and expenses up or down, and to “play” with the numbers a little to test if the model created is solid enough to be approved in credit analysis. With กู้เงินด่วน this comes perfectly now.

Is your company up to date with taxes?

If the financing agreement will not be signed if the company does not present the negative federal tax debt certificates. In these cases, it is always good to monitor the payment of taxes throughout the financing application. We have already witnessed situations in which the company lost negative certificates due to errors when filling out the electronic systems of the Revenue and this delayed the receipt of credit.

When you need money, one of the first options is through a loan. You can ask a relative, a friend, bank or online at a virtual mall-like red.

If you are thinking of taking out a loan, check out Serasa Encina’s tips. This way, you know all the points to pay attention to when signing the contract. And always remember to research the company and the proposal that will be offered.

How much do you need?

R $ 150 R $ 30,000

How many months do you want to pay?

6 months 48 months


Approximate monthly installment

We are considering the average rates offered by the partners.

Difference between loan and financing

Despite being similar, the two credit options have different characteristics. Both are a contract with a bank or a finance company to lend money to the customer.


The loan has no specific purpose. You can use the money to pay other more expensive debts or for some day-to-day account.


The financing has an effective objective, be it the purchase of a property, a car or even for the purchase of construction materials.


Another difference between the two financial options is the interest rate. When the bank or finance company has no guarantee that payment will be made on time, interest is usually higher. Therefore, it is common for financing rates to be lower than for loans.


Another point of difference between the two models is the bureaucracy and the number of documents to close the contract. The financing purposes make it necessary to prove much more how the money will be used.

In the case of the loan, as there is no need to justify it, banks and finance companies only do credit analysis. One way to do this analysis is through the credit score.

Have you consulted your CPF today?

Attention when taking out a loan

Your pocket

The first tip before even checking out the loan options is to know if your pocket can handle it. You have to know how much you earn and what expenses are already part of your day today. So you can get an idea of ​​how much you could pay without compromising your budget. It is important not to fully use your ability to pay. After all, you never know when you’re going to have an extra expense.