Without a Weapon, Nothing is Easier

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Hard Weapons:

Fishing and Hunting Equipment is the very necessary one which helps to catch and hunt fishes and animals. In the early days, there are no weapons are tools to kill animals. People of old times take stones and made weapons like bow and arrow, spear, and so on because there are no pre inventions to take it as a model to proceed with that. It is the old age people who think wisely to invent such weapons. They themselves estimated that they need sharp equipment to kill animals, which are to tear their skin. So they need a kind of equipment, this is the major reason for their inventions of weapons.

Materialistic Things:

They have nothing in their hands, no manual or anything like nowadays. They see stones in the ground. By using such things they started doing tools according to their needs or wants. If they need to tear the skin of an animal, they used to shape like knives. If they want a needle like a weapon, they would make them with stones itself. Only with these inventions, people of modern age come to learn about the people of the past. These are the inventions of the archaeological study of the people of nowadays. So many coins, inscriptions, old weapons, tools are identified by them.


In this contemporary world, people are completely surrendered only on the machines. Without machines, people cannot survive. From this, we come to realize that people’s life is changed into a materialistic one.

Day by day as the inventions and innovations are moving towards the next level, the machine also has fallen in place. For every work, people want any instrument because they feel that with the machinery things their work is half done already. They cannot work manually. These things made them very lazy. The first reason for this kind of invention is that our old people’s thoughts and innovations. For fishing purposes, people use spears, nets, hangings. These are the things which help people to get more interest in fishing.

Instrumental Tools:

Other than fishing, hunting is the one that needs a lot of equipment. Hunting is not an easy one. While comparing to fishing, hunting is more difficult. Though there is a lot of equipment available for hunting, it also needs manual power like running, chasing and fighting. Many people afraid to work on hunting as it contains more hard work. But still, in some parts of the country, people are dependent on this hunting works in order to make natural things. Even if a man wants to take honey from a Beehive, he wants to strive which is also comes under hunting. The small thing itself has more difficulty, just think of hunting a wild animal. To see a wild animal like Lion, Tiger, Cheetah is even a tough one then think of hunting it. Really it can be done only by the people who are so courageous nowadays. In those days, people had done all these things as they suffer a lot for their food, shelter. They use dead animals first, later with the help of the signals of dogs and horses they started hunting heavily with their equipment.