The Grand Canyon from every angle
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The Grand Canyon is big. There are therefore possible visits to each side, each with its specificities, and offering different landscapes. We approach North rim and South rim national parks, as well as access to the west side, the most accessible side from Las Vegas. The visiting of makes things perfect now.

Erratum of the episode:

The west side of the Grand Canyon is managed by the Hualapai, and Havasu Falls by H Avasupai. See you in the next episode to discover the next step of our road trip: The City of Page, Monument Valley and the end of our trip. Visit the Grand Canyon, all the practical information. If you’re on a road trip in the American West, it’s a safe bet that you will stop at the Grand Canyon. And if this is not the case, change your route immediately. We share with you here, all the information that we collect on-site to facilitate you to the maximum preparation of this majestic destination.

To see or to do in Grand Canyon:

We were lucky that this activity was offered to us. Indeed, the price is unfortunately not economical. But sincerely, if you can afford it do not hesitate one second.

Which company: We went around with the company Papillon but know that there are others.

The price: prices start from $ 199. This is the price we paid in the middle of August.

Meeting point: Grand Canyon National Park Airport, Highway 64, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023, USA. It is actually an aerodrome where all the companies are located. When you are on Route 64 towards the park entrance, it is on your left and is very well signposted.

Practical information: Once your activity is booked you will receive your voucher, in which is indicated a phone number that will have to be recalled the day before to confirm your tour.

Arrive half an hour early to have time to view the safety instructions. At registration, you will be asked for your weight. Do not do like me, do not lie, they weigh you at the reception.

Grand Canyon National Park

The other way to visit the Grand Canyon is by strolling through the Grand Canyon National Park. From here you can admire these incredible landscapes, go hiking, or walk up the Desert view drive. The price: To enter the park you will have to pay $ 35 per car, $ 30 motorcycle and $ 20 walk. If you have America the Beautiful pass, entry is included. You can also buy it directly at the entrance if it is your first park.

The North Rim:

The North Rim, or North Shore, is the least frequented on both shores since it concentrates only 10% of annual visits to the Grand Canyon. There is a lodge, a campsite, and a Visitor Center. This is the wildest shore, perfect for those who really want to be in the middle of nature, without all the tribe of tourists.

How to get there

By road, it is 67 from Jacob Lake. You can also reach it from the south Rim via a hike through the canyon. About 37km by car, however, you will have to go around the canyon. Count about 350km and 5h car.