Residential use of solar panels
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Solar panels are the one which are like harvesting power which is taken by the sun by using different photo electric panels or many different collection techniques. This term is not a green dream or the universities and corporates will try and experiment with them. There are many different ways by which one can use these solar panels in your home. this technology do need an amount of investment, but keeping that factor on side there are many other homemakers who have started using this technology in their day to day life. Let’s see some of the area where is power is being used mainly. You may also get a lot of idea when you visit

Solar powered ventilation fans

People do use different ventilation fans they are actually a good idea to keep your home ventilated. Conventionally these types of exhaust fans are reinforced into household electrical current, which somewhat downfalls the energy saving resolution. Now one can easily get self-contained roof vent fans, which do have the small panel of photo-electric cells by which fan can be functional without using any of the household electric current completely. Not very large but a small roof mounted units are absolutely best for keeping the garage, doghouse, shed and many more.

Solar heating in swimming pools

Swimming pools are the best amazing pleasure of hot summer for all the children and for that matter of fact for parents too. People just get excited as the first day of pool begins with summer. But in starting people do want water to be little warm rather than complete cold water, and for this people do prefer having solar panels for their pools so that they can get the desired water. People generally add up the solar blanket for their pools. These floating blanket is a passive device which do produce heating and they work by absorbing the heat from sun and then transfer that heat to the water.

Solar water heater

There are basically two types of solar systems by which the water heaters are getting replaced generally, either by gas heaters or by electric heaters. These types of active solar hot water systems which do make use of mechanical mixing pumps that circulate water or another fluid from rooftop heat assortment panels down into a packing tank. These kind of hot water heaters does not have motorised pump gears. Functioning by the modest physics of heat logically increasing.

Active water heater systems

There are two types of active solar water heating systems

Direct rotation system they do have a motor which do circulates household water by solar gatherers in the home, these types of systems do work completely in the weather where it never freezes.

Indirect circulation systems generally make use of a non-freezing types of liquid that mixes through the solar gatherers to a complete heat exchanger, where the energy is transferred to water that then streams into the home.

These are some of the main areas in which the solar energy is generally used. These are said to be the best solution of not using electric power.