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Komanda music
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Music is an Art form that is part of everyone’s life in one or another way. All sorts of emotions of a human being or a living creature can be associated with music. A small sound when produced, pleases our ears is called music. People take music in life, as passion, and as a profession. The approach towards music varies from person to person yet it is in all walks of life.

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What is music?

  • This question is impossible to answer because the idea of music may differ from time to time and even person to person around the world.
  •  But the most widely said description of music is as follows. There is always sound around us right from birds chirping, waves lapping against a coastline, automobile engines roaring to men whispering.
  •  So, does it mean that only sound can be termed as music? No even silence is one form of music.

Are the above sounds called as music?

  • Yes, they are called music if they are put together in purposeful ways to please the one’s hearing. This kind of organized sound is called music.
  • In simple words, music is a collection of coordinated sound with a combination of melodies and harmony that soothes our ears.
  • Hence music is not only composed of men but also exits in nature.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the greatest musicians says, “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.”

History of music:

  • Music is said to exist in all components of nature, hence tracking the origin of music may be difficult. Researchers claim that music was is existence even before the existence of a human being or a living creature.
  • However, they agree that there are certain periods in history which has contributed to the immense growth of music.
  • The Medieval era dating from the 6th to the 16th century is one in which only monophonic and polyphonic sounds existed.
  • Next in the Renaissance era which marks the transition from the middle ages to modernity was marked by experimental sounds and rhythms.

However, they agree that there are certain periods in history which has contributed to the immense growth.


Terms related to music:

Komanda music

A few of the terms related to music are Tempo, Chords, Harmony, Rhythm, Key, Melody, flat, beat, major, etc.

Types of music:

Each historical period, culture, the practice has their own touch for the music. Hence there are many kinds of music in the world. Few of the important and most popular categories of music are listed below

  1. Jazz Music
  2. Music theatre
  3. Hip hop Music
  4. Rock and Roll Music
  5. Rock Music
  6. Blues Music
  7. Country Music
  8. Pop Music
  9. R&B (Rhythm and Blues) Music
  10. Folk Music
  11. Fusion Music

Thus, music though existing in many genres has become a part of everyone’s life and a way of expressing emotions.