Where to get a fake id: Here are some hints for you

fake id
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Today’s digital economy relies on various kinds of identification documents. No matter where you go, be it a bank, an airport, a metro station, or simply a bar – you would need to produce an ID card to prove you are really who you are claiming to be. Hence, it’s something very important for a person and can have severe consequences if a person with a fake id gets allowed to access sensitive areas like an airport or a rail station. However, while a fake ID is a serious threat to our overall security and safety, sometimes people use them for rather not-so-big-deal reasons, like in a pub. It’s not surprising that often underage people find themselves standing outside of a bar and getting denied to enter as they are not yet adults enough to drink as per the law of the land. In such cases, they often flaunt a fake ID just to get into that forbidden place of adult pleasure.

From where you can buy some fake ID and how much you have to shell out

fake id

Although many anti-fraud measures have been implemented (and many such steps are in the pipeline to be taken soon) in last few years, like marking with ultraviolet ink and holograph, there seems to be no shortage of suppliers of who are producing such fake scannable IDs, according to a recent digital security survey. There’s a lot of sites that offering premium quality fake ID for the customers who want to buy them, and those IDs are not even very expensive. For example, a fake New Oregon driving license can be obtained for as little as $200, and if you’re buying more than one ID (for multiple people), the price can be reduced to the extent of $80 for each person. Such cheap prices and easy availability made this fake ID business very popular, and people who are behind these sites (the suppliers) are believed to be making a killing by cashing out this craze.

You can find fake IDs for literally any damn country in the world if you know how to find or where to look (don’t ask me, as I’m not going to reveal such sensitive info obviously in this public post), but the USA seems to be the primary place where these are in extreme demand. Therefore, most of such fake ID selling sites deal in the USA IDs mainly, along with Canada and Britain, and few European countries. While there is no state in the USA for which you can’t get a fraudulent ID card if you wish, finding IDs for some states are getting increasingly harder than others. The reason being those few states implemented several new features for newly issued IDs that are difficult to fake, hence the producers either making old ID cards (from old templates) with few years backdate, or completely stopped making an ID for those states. If one wants to get a fake ID for such a state, they will have to resort to the old-style ID cards which may not be appropriate as per their visual appearance, or just buy ID of another state if that could get their job done.