What are the types of insulated garage doors and how to choose one?

Garage Door Repairs woodbridge
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The Garage Door Repairs woodbridge is one of the first impressions when people look at anyone’s home, it gives an additional entrance to your home and also a curb appeal.

As the usual garage doorway is the largest in the home, this could be an area of energy loss and high heat. As a result, rooms are drafty in winter, living quarters are humid and hot in summer, and a lot of money is spent on cooling and heating.

Many house owners, especially those living in areas or places with extreme temperatures or weather conditions. So if you are one of those homeowners thinking to alleviate these problems then you must choose insulated garage doors. These kinds of garage doors offer many benefits beyond saving money through improved energy efficiency. Garage door insulation will make your life cooler, warmer, and quieter. It decreases your energy bills, acts as a barrier between street noise and you, and brightens a dull space.

How to select an insulated garage door?

When considering the different types of garage door insulation, it is useful to know what the numbers that measure insulation efficiency mean. You usually hear the term R-value used to refer to energy efficiency, but many people think what this term actually means. Later in this article, we will discuss.

Garage Door Repairs woodbridge

What are the types of Garage door insulation?

There are many ways to insulate your garage door, including installing it by yourself with an insulation kit, getting it done by an expert, or selecting a new insulated garage door that will not only improve the energy efficiency of your home and improve the comfort, but also it adds beauty to it. Insulation of garage doors is an easy DIY project, which will cost you around $200 to insulate two 9-foot-wide doors. Any insulation type will increase the energy efficiency of your garage door.

There are various types of insulation garage doors. The most standard types are mentioned below:

  1. Wood Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated Wooden doors provide your home with a warm, natural, and rich look. It is made up of wood such as hemlock, cedar, and mahogany, insulated wooden garage doors consist of 2 layers of wood, or a layer of wood with a layer of timber veneer and an insulating layer between them.

  1. Garage Doors with Steel Insulation

Steel metal is affordable, enduring, and hard to deform, weather exposure, and cracking. It consists of a wood-like texture and is painted with any colour as per your choice. Garage doors with steel insulation made up of 2 layers of steel metal with sandwiched insulation located between them. These garage doors are often made with complementary composite materials like faux wood cladding.

  1. Garage Doors with Aluminium Insulation

Aluminium is a metal lightweight and sheer material that is durable and protects against corrosion. The aluminium insulated door consists of two aluminium layers with an aluminium layer insulation coating, which helps some prevention against dents and scratches.

  1. Garage Doors with Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is also a thin material that will not corrode over time, while it can be damaged easily. Fiberglass garage doors can be shaped to look like wood. Fiberglass insulated doors have double layers of fiberglass sheets on the steel frame. which has insulation layers between them.