What are some best streaming platforms?

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Technology has gained a lot of popularity and importance in this world. It makes our life easy and helps us in connecting with people around the globe. Technology also helps in connecting with people of larger audiences through live broadcasting. Live to broadcast kora online plays an important role in promoting our brand or business. With the help of live broadcasting, you let people enjoy the broadcasting which helps in engaging them in your business. Therefore live broadcasting will ultimately have a better impact on your business. There are many streaming platforms the technology has given to the world so that you can connect with millions of people at the same time. Such live streaming platforms are as follows.

  1. Qumu
  • The best option for live streaming is Qumu. Qumu provides their client with flawless and smooth working for the live broadcasting of any event.
  • The beneficiary advantage of having Qumu for live streaming is that it also gives on-demand streaming so that if anyone has missed your live broadcasting, you can provide them with your broadcasting whenever your viewers ask for it. It will create a business and email list with your customers.
  • For live broadcasting, Qumu has the best

However, Qumu comes with disadvantages as well.

  • For security purposes, Qumu can be used for personal or internal use only i.e. for business meetings or where you want end-to-end communication with your clients.
  • You will need to have special Qumu software on your laptop or PC in order to start live broadcasting which may free your pockets.
  • In addition, you will need an extra special IT team to handle and maintain this Qumu software and this will surely cost
  • Qumu also needs a subscription if you want to use it.

So, in general, you can say that Qumu is the most expensive live streaming platform with the feature of only internal purpose live broadcasting.

  1. IBM cloud platform

With the feature of live broadcasting, the IBM cloud platform also gives you some extra features that make IBM cloud platform a better option than Qumu for you.

  • IBM cloud platform offers all the advanced technology features such as speed, quality of live broadcasting, different filters, subtitles option and many more to keep your live broadcasting good for your user.
  • IBM cloud platform has different subscriptions based on how many times users watch it or in one subscription how many users watch the live broadcasting. These live broadcasting subscriptions are named silver, gold and platinum and as per name their cost also varies like silver has the least cost for watching live broadcasting while Gold has higher cost and platinum has the highest cost for subscription.
  • If you want to promote your broadcasting to a larger audience, then the IBM cloud platform may likely take an additional fee from you, because the IBM cloud platform allows you to live broadcasting to a limited of people. So, in order to do live broadcasting of sport via the IBM cloud platform, you will have to add money from your pocket.