Tiktok user and features of the application

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Tik Tok which means a social network invented by the Chinese used to share their video with society through this application. Friends, family, and relatives well know about this application and they liked it because it was edited with the cinema songs and dialogue with our picture. In another term, it was considered as Byte Dance based on internet technology in Beijing by zhang timing. At first, it was launched in Chinese in September 2016 by Douyin later 2017 launched with the Android and IOS out of the china market then it is used in United State with merging on musically this was most liked by the people. Later its technology was developed to buy tiktok likes they needed to impress others and they developed the application into lip-sync video which can be edited for 10-15 seconds and short looping videos 30- 60 seconds. After merging these it became more popular all over the country.

Trends and Features

In the TikTok application, we can edit through the features given in that application users are allowed to invent new videos themself with music on the background. In the background music, they can also add their voice to these features available in that application. To use the app people must choose their video or create their videos with the various type of music genres they can set videos with background filter to 15- 30 seconds. Music genres that contain more music to share which is conventional or a set conventional or traditional are available in that and it contains music style or music from various from which gives more effect to this application. Through the lip action they can look like they own but it was edited it becomes more popular and people was most addictive to this application they forget the world totally and enter the word of TikTok, youngster, children, relatives, College student everyone is using this and they get a likes full day they spent in this with outage difference that must features and attraction are given by this application. The screen was placed and it moved around the screen. Videos are fully edited when the user likes to fit or post as they wish. Later the TikTok application became more popular and became more popular than the other applications. At the same time, we can set it as private when the application is downloaded into your mobile. It is public because of default and there is an option in settings to get away from private.

TikTok with the Musically

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Tiktok mostly liked by the people because of the musically which is added in this application on 9 November in 2017, we all know that music was inspired most by the people. Music that memories the human mind and it makes free from stress, the same was TikTok which entertains the people and feel stress-free in the social media platform most of the people liked this in around the world and the user are post many videos to get likes from the viewers. Later 2018 authority developed it into large video developers with data existing data consumption and it attracts more and people most welcome this application but some other it was banned in India.