The types of electronic components

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There are various types of electronic components that will be used to build electronic circuits. These components form the basis of an electronic circuit. Televisions Flat Screen & LED TVs HD & Full HD TVs Sony are all made up of electronic components. Without the help of these components, it is quite hard for the circuit designs to complete. The components that are needed for making electronic circuits include the resistors, the diodes, capacitors, integrated circuits, and many other components. Some of these types of components will consist of more than one terminals. Basically it will compromise of two or more terminals. These terminals are fixed inside a circuit board. These will be some types of packaging components that will be like integrated circuits., Inside these integrated circuits there will be many semiconductors that will be integrated inside these. There is a brief kind of overview on the basic components do the electronic circuit that is covered quite in dep for each and every component that you can see in the electronic circuit.

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Basic Electronics Components

An electronic circuit is nothing but a machine that comprises of the electronic unit and also this electronic circuit will contain many types of components that are needed for the electronic circuit and also these different types of components are basically differentiated into different types. These are known as the active components which will comprise transistors, diodes, ICs, and also there will be passive components that will compromise the components that will include the capacitors, resistors, and such. You will have to consider these points when you are ought to design a circuit.

There will be basic electronic components like the capacitors, the resistors, transistors, and the diodes.

You will need signal generators and Dc power supplies to create a source of power. You will also need a cathode-ray oscilloscope and multimeters to measure and analyze. These will be some instruments.

Passive Electronic Components

These are the components that can be stored or maintained energy in many forms. One may be the form of voltage and also of the components of a passive electronic component will be discussed below


A resistor is nothing but a two-terminal passive component of electronics that will be used to oppose or at least limit the current. Resistor basically works based on the principle of ohm’s law. This will state that the voltage that is collectively applied across the terminals of the resistor is actually directly proportional to the flowing of the current.


Again the resistors are classified purely based on the specifications such as the power rating, the material type that is used, and also the resistance value. The resistor is then used for many types of applications/. There are resistors that are again classified based on the power rating and the type of material you are using and also the resistance value. There are different types of resistors that are used for different types of values.  There are fixed resistors that are used to bing out the correct condition tp the electronic circuit. And also, the values of the resistance are quite fixed and are always determined at the phase of the design of the circuit and there will be no need to adjust the circuit.