The Perfect Sports Models of the Watchbands

best third party apple watch bands
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Thus, the sport model is accompanied by color bracelets (white, blue, green, pink or black), the black being reserved for the sidereal gray version. On the side of the best apple watch bands, sports bracelets (white or black), but also classic buckle, Milanese mesh, leather or link are available. We find the codes of the watch of a traditional watchmaker with these models. Finally, for the “Edtion” version, bracelets matching the crown are also accessorized in gold. This for sport models, classic or modern buckle.

Can we put a leather strap on an Apple Watch sport?

best third party apple watch bands

Technically yes, but is it aesthetic, it would seem no. This is in any case that suggests a recent indiscretion that gives the recommended combinations: watch model / bracelet. Regarding the size of the bracelet, you must take the time to check the size of your wrist. In parallel, Apple offers a document to check which size bracelet to choose (there are several sizes, usually 2 depending on the type of bracelets).

Apple Watch Awards

The price will be an important element to choose the watch model, especially since it is according to particularly high models. Here are the main elements:

The Sport model starts at 399 dollars for the small model and 449 dollars for the large model. For its part, the watch model steel starts at 649 dollars for the small model and 699 dollars for the largest. Prices go up to 1099 and 1199 dollars depending on the type of bracelet chosen: Finally, the luxury gold version of the Apple Watch Edition is the very high-end model, available from 11,000 dollars and up to 18,000 dollars in limited quantities.

So much for an overview of Apple’s connected watch offer. In the end, the choice is wide and everyone should find a watch on his arm. There is now more to finalize his choice, knowing that the Apple Watch is pre-sale from April 10, 2015, and will be available April 24 .Apple Watch Series 4 GPS and Cellular

The Apple Watch Series 4 has been redesigned around the Cellular module. In addition to its powerful processor, there are also notifications regarding health or fall detection. Do you fall? Your connected watch will ask you if you need care. And then, the device accompanies you in new activities, like yoga or hiking. Moreover, the Series 4 is able to automatically detect the sport practiced. In short, beyond the navigation in 4G, this connected watch is a precious ally.

Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular

With the ability to modulate your selection according to your needs, the choice of the editorial is finally towards the connected Apple Watch 3 with Cellular. The device is sufficient for most tasks, already including a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and a heart sensor. Waterproof up to 50 meters deep, this watch can truly follow you everywhere. And with integrated Cellular, you have a complete device for Internet browsing. The set thus adopts a very good quality-price ratio, making him an excellent choice.


Apple Watch is certainly the most powerful connected watch on the market. But even between them, the battle is tough. Choose a series, then the integration of a Cellular module if it is essential.