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archery tag
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Before you start archery tag with the bow it is important to determine the dominance of the eye, with which eye your aim. As there are people who write with the right or the left, we also have left-handed or right-handed shooters. Eye dominance does not have to be the same as hand dominance when writing for example. There are many archers who are right-handed, but they shoot with the left because the dominant eye is the left.

A person with the dominant right eye should hold the bow with his left hand and pull the string with his right hand. Whoever has the left eye as dominant is the reverse. The reason for this is to align the arrow in the bow with the eye and thus facilitate the shot.

There are cases in which an archer with left eye dominance prefers to shoot like a right-handed because he is right-handed and feels awkward to shoot like a left-handed person. This should be avoided if possible. Because in such cases the dominant eye will be replaced by the other eye and this will affect the other eye by forcing it unnecessarily and may lead to future injuries in that eye.

Archery Techniques

archery tag

You stretch both arms and with your hands make a small circular opening through which you aim the target. You try to look with both eyes open through the opening of your hands to the target. Now, without moving your head, you close your left eye and look with your right eye through your hands at the target. Do you see the target? You do the same procedure without moving your head to the side, closing your right eye and looking with your left eye. If you see the target with your right eye and no longer see it with your left eye, you are right-handed in the dominance of the eye. In the other case, you are left-handed. Now to make sure you did everything right, you stretch your arms again, do the opening with your hands, look at the target with both eyes through the opening and slowly bring your hands closer to the face until you touch one of your eyes. This will be the dominant eye and it should be the same one you discovered with the previous exercise


Every time an archer fires an arrow, he must follow an exact sequence of movements that must be repeated in the same way, with maximum precision, so that all the arrows are grouped in the center of the target. Next, the “Classic” archery technique will be presented, which was used by Gilman Keasey to win the 1935 United States Championship, and which continues to be used today with good results.

It is considered technical to the set of movements that lead the archer to make the shot perfectly. Due to the different physical and psychic constitutions of archers, some variations can be created based on a technique, thus constituting a style. For didactic reasons, the technique presented will be divided into nine stages, but in fact, they constitute a single set of movements, which begins when the athlete decides to shoot the arrow and ends when the arrow reaches the target.