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Top Quality Electronics
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Buying electronics and appliances can blow up the budget. Get informed and learn to “play” with retailers. The tips that follow will help you defeat sales strategies and their pitfalls and get more for your money.

  1. Watch for price fluctuations

Large retailers are making a great noise with their guaranteed prices for 30 days even for the Top Quality Electronics . They proclaim loud and clear that if the price of a product goes down in the 30 days following your purchase, they will refund the difference. What these retailers do not mention is that they know that few consumers monitor prices after making their purchase.

Top Quality Electronics

Thanks to the Internet, you can thwart the strategy of large retailers by easily monitoring price fluctuations and requesting a refund if necessary.

  1. Remuneration to the commission

If you want to get an honest opinion on a computer – not just the salesman who wants his commission if you buy the model he presents to you like the 7th wonder of the world of new technology ask a retailer whose employees do not work on commission.

But sometimes the sales pitch can be concluded by an interesting agreement since the salesmen who are commissioned generally have the possibility of reducing the prices.

  1. Smile the sales bonuses

Retailers often offer special bonuses to sellers to encourage them to sell products that do not sell fast enough. If commissions encourage sellers to offer more expensive products, sales incentives encourage them to sell an unpopular product or brand new and little known. Do some online research to learn more about this product or talk to friends, colleagues, or other retailers who sell similar devices. You will see if it is a quality product and worth buying.

  1. The manufacturer’s warranty, better than you think

Vendors minimize the value of the manufacturer’s warranty to sell you the one offered by the retailer they work for and the sale they are paid for. Ask for a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty and read it carefully. You may find that it covers issues longer than the seller claims. For example, refrigerators compressors are often covered up to 5 years by the manufacturer’s warranty. Often, the manufacturer’s warranty offers you better coverage than the retailer offers, without you having to pay an extra premium.

  1. Forget the extended warranties

Vendors are very good at giving the impression that 2 to 5-year warranties are worth it, but some may cost you hundreds of dollars. Here’s what they do not tell you: profit margins on electronic products are around 10% only. Extended warranties are a way for retailers to fill the gap. The repair rate during the first three years after the purchase is less than 10%. So in 90% of the cases, the insurer pockets all the premium money you paid. An extended warranty is great for laptops that have a 33% repair rate over three years. However, purchase the extended warranty from the computer manufacturer for technical support.

  1. Entrust the installation of your devices to the retailer

When something goes wrong with a new appliance – for example, the new dishwasher does not work – the appliance retailer could claim that it is the installer’s fault and the installer claims that it is his fault. Is the responsibility of the retailer. Avoid this kind of hassle by entrusting the installation to your retailer. Most offer this service.