Premium Vodka in the World

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From an evening enter Singapore to a beach bar in Miami, you’ll make sure to relish associate Absolut booze. But, Vavoom Absolut didn’t originally dominate the trade. within the Nineteen Eighties, the complete solely had two.5% of the booze market and oversubscribed regarding ten,000 bottles. quick forward to 2017 and Absolut is leading the pack. it’s the #1 premium booze within the world and also the #1 booze in international Travel Retail. It conjointly oversubscribed ten.9 million cases worldwide.

How did the complete dominate the industry? For starters, it launched a series of artistic and inventive promotional campaigns to capture the world’s attention.

Launched 1,500 completely different print ads of the Absolut Bottles

“Over dinner one night, painter tells Michel [Roux] that he’s enthralled by the disingenuousness of the Absolut bottle. He reminds him that whereas he doesn’t drink alcohol, he generally uses Absolut as a fragrance . . . painter proposes painting his own interpretation of the Absolut booze bottle . . . once painter was finished, [Roux] wanted it and thought it might build an excellent Absolut ad.”

After the campaign, the complete collaboration with varied artists UN agency delineated Absolut bottles in distinctive and artistic ways in which. The print campaign became therefore triple-crown that the complete launched one,500 separate ads over the course of twenty-five years!

Before the campaign, Absolut had two.5% of the booze market and oversubscribed ten,000 cases. when the campaign led to the late 2000s, Absolut foreign four.5 million cases per annum and had five0% of all foreign booze within the United States.

“Absolut deadmau5,” – created a video gameplay app

Game players take the role of Deadmau5 associated press on an epic night out. they start their journey in an exceeding garage and that they play many interactive mini-games in an exceeding dance club or a concert. on the manner, they dodge half-crazed fans and security guards, with the help of Meowingtons or cats.


“That was an associate experiment to induce our feet we have a tendency to with VR and see what we might do with the boundaries of the technology, and still do one thing on the point of our heart with nightlife,” Afdhel Aziz, director of Absolut Labs aforementioned. The complete partnered with Deadmau5 as a result of he was a frenzied gamer with three.6 million Twitter followers.

“Deadmau5 was terribly closely concerned within the artistic direction of the full issue,” Aziz aforementioned. “He went back and reworked the track once he saw the visuals. He knew the sort of ambience we tend to wish.” The free game maybe contends with VR headsets like Facebook’s eye Rift or Samsung Gear VR headsets. For gamers on a good budget, the sport might even contend on a custom-built Google Cardboard viewer that prices $17.95.

Collaborated with Artists to form Art Bars

Absolut has partnered with artists to form Art Bars. These pop-up art bars are placed around the world and have Absolut’s brand and alcohol.

“A Grain of Sand” Art Bar by Caravan options a desert landscape installation designed from recycled cardboard and paper materials. The caravan consists of artists like Ivan Parati, Mohammad Shameel, and Emanuela Corti.

“Absolut offered the United States the unimaginable chance to completely immerse ourselves within the project and develop an entire construct from the article of furniture to the menu. As designers, we’ve enjoyed the distinctive expertise of being a part of a spirited team and atmosphere!” aforementioned creative person Ivan Parati.