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Pelican Flight School
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Pelican Flight School


This segment presently covers the handiest aircraft flight teacher ratings. In Canada, the holder of a commercial pilot license or airline shipping pilot license may also moreover have their license encouraged with a flight instructor rating – an aircraft. Initially, the pilot is encouraged as a “Class 4” flight trainer. This allows the pilot to supply flight schooling in the direction of the issuance of an amusement pilot permit, non-public pilot license, enterprise pilot license, night-time score, and VFR over-the-top rating Pelican Flight School . The “Class 4” flight instructor may additionally handiest conduct education whilst below the supervision of a “Class 2” or “Class 1” flight trainer. After enjoyable certain necessities (the splendid flight takes a have a take a observe facts revel in necessities, written assessments, and flight checks), an instructor can enhance their score to a Class 3, Class 2, and Class 1 trainer rating. The Class 3 flight teacher does now no longer requires the supervision of Class 2 or Class 1 flight instructor. The Class 2 flight teacher may also moreover supervise Class 4 flight teachers and act because of the leader flight teacher (CFI) of a flight education unit. The Class 1 flight instructor may additionally deliver floor college and flight education in the direction of the endorsement of a flight teacher rating. To supply schooling at the tool rating, multi-score, kind rankings, and sophistication conversions (for example, landplane to seaplane), a trainer rating isn`t constantly required. The necessities may be constrained to keeping a commercial or airline transport license and having met certain revel in levels (together with time on the type and in class). In the case of a device rating, the holder of a flight trainer score can teach it even if they no longer have the leisure stage required for non-flight teachers. Details are contained in the Canadian Aviation Regulations, additives 401 and 421.

 New Zealand

Flight teachers in New Zealand need to have a Category A, B, C, D, or E flight teacher rating. The Category E rating is mainly for carrying out agricultural (pinnacle dressing, and so forth.) flying guidance. Category D flight teachers may also have conduct kind rankings for any aircraft for which they maintain a typing score. Category C flight teachers cannot deliver college students on their first solo and must feature beneath neath the supervision of a Category A or B flight instructor. The chief flying instructor (CFI) is the flying trainer answerable for all flight education at a corporation.

 South Africa

In South Africa, Grade I, II, and III instructor ratings exist. Ratings for aeroplanes and helicopters are obtained and revalidated one at a time. A Grade III instructor score is an entry-stage qualification, allowed to offer simple guidance in the direction of the trouble of a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) beneath neath the supervision of a Grade I or Grade II flight trainer. A Grade III instructor should keep at least a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) withinside the identical category. A Grade II trainer calls for not less than two hundred hours of education revel in and can feature without supervision in maximum styles of education (tool, nighttime, commercial, multi-engine, and plenty of others.). Grade II teachers have a few examiner privileges, especially for PPL initial and revalidation exams, and may be appointed as Chief Flight Instructors.