Optimum use of energy and changes to conserve it!

Power to Choose energy
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Power to Choose energy signifies the least use of electricity and power. For example, turning off lights using natural energy like solar, wind, wave, etc. In short optimum use of energy is the contraction of unwanted or unnecessary use of energy.

What will wastage of energy will lead us to?

Power to Choose energy

Carbon dioxide is generated while generating energy which contributes to the greenhouse effect leading to global warming. Most of the energy sources have a  harmful impact on our atmosphere. Energy is a non-renewable resource and therefore it may lead to scarcity in the future.

Because of burning fossil fuels for generating energy which is used for heating, electricity transport and industry harmful gasses emerge from industries resulting in global warming which is hazardous for living beings.

Biggest energy wasting mistakes we do every day? 

As we waste lots of energy each day without even noticing here we came up with the common mistakes we do!                                                        

  1. Leaving electronic appliances like lights, fans, heater, etc. on:

One of the biggest mistakes we do is leaving the lights on and it’s also one of the easiest habits to get rid of. Try to turn off the lights and fans while leaving a room. Use the Smart home  system to remotely monitor from your smartphone

2.Using High Voltage Bulbs:

Uses of High Voltage bulb should be avoided instead smart Eco bulb should be news using energy ta certified bulb halogen compact fluorescent and light-emitting should be used this traditional bulb that lasts up to 25 times longer

  1. Leaving electronics plugged in:

Leaving electronics plugged in when not required the  electricity still flows through it always take out the plugs of electronic gadgets except the fridge to save a large sum of energy

4.Washing Clothes In Hot Water:

The washing machine takes a large amount of energy to generate hot water while washing clothes so avoid using hot water washing mode while washing clothes in your domestic washing machine

  1. Using The Dishwasher When It’s Only Half-full:

Make sure that the dishwasher is full while witching on the dishwasher for washing utensils this pay you will use the dishwasher optimistically and conserve some energy

6.Avoiding The Benefits Of Natural Light

  • The biggest source of natural energy is sunlight and one should use it to the fullest
  • Usage of artificial light during daytime should be reduced.

Importance and benefits of conserving energy. 

Conserving energy outcomes an enormous quality of life. Saving energy reduces major pollution like air and water pollution and conservation of natural resources

Energy is a non-renewable resource hence it is essential to save energy as much as we can. With billions of destructive and fatal emissions in the environment saving energy is always the best option to create a healthier globe or at least assist to preserve energy for further use in the future. Yet it is the most affordable outcome for the conservation of energy

Small Changes you can do to conserve energy

  • reducing your monthly energy bills
  • turning off the electronic gadgets when not needed
  • switch to energy-saving bulbs and electronics
  • making more use of solar energy
  • Switching on the eco-mode in electronics