Greater Choices for Child Entertainment Now

con heo dat
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It is an enriching experience that allows them to know together key elements of their social environment; the architecture, institutions, premises, museums, fairs among others, that may be close to home. In these instances you can also enhance the approach to written language, inviting children to read signs or signs that are on the road. The use of the con heo dat song comes easy here.

Invite them to have a picnic

This experience is often very enjoyable for children since it implies a previous preparation of the items that they should bring, the food and drinks they should prepare, and then share with the family. It can be inside the house, in the yard, in a square or in a park. It can also be enriched by sharing simple language games like “I see – I see”. Board games such as memorize or creativity games such as putting together what they want with legos.

Hold a costume party

Dressing up is usually fascinating for children, as it allows them to “play do” and change roles. The idea is that they can exchange their clothes and accessories, and then have a small party with music and dances. Enjoy together an organized and prepared situation.

con heo dat

Play movies

  • This experience involves the preparation of a special environment, to prepare a “home theater”. Darken the windows, ensure comfortable places for everyone. Prepare popcorn and choose a movie you want to watch as a family. This proposal can also be applied to a suggestion of children sharing with guests. What requires support and supervision, and not necessarily direct participation.
  • In any of the activities, it is essential that adults prepare spaces and offer resources. Then let them play autonomously, always with proper supervision. If there is the possibility of sharing games with them, the idea is to be “playmates”. Keep in mind that they can be autonomous and creative in their actions.
  • Surely, many families will go on vacation soon. With some exceptions, most will do it with children.
  • Before embarking on the trip, it is convenient to ask some basic questions so that the holidays are pleasant for all family members.
  • The slogan of the holidays is that everyone can relax and enjoy, both adults and children. If the parents are stressed all the time by the children, we end up having a bad time both.
  • Therefore, taking into account some simple recommendations we can face family vacations with a positive attitude so that everyone enjoys the well-deserved rest.

The place

The main thing is to choose the most suitable place to go on vacation with young children. Whatever destination we choose (you can see the options of destinations I and II and international destinations that we have proposed in our Special Traveling with babies), and whether we are staying in a hotel, an aparthotel, a cruise or a house, it is essential that it has facilities and entertainment options for children.

Everyone happy

  • Make sure that everyone can enjoy the leisure activities that they want.
  • Games for kids, spa, sport, sunbathing or whatever each one prefers.
  • The fact that each family member enjoys what they like to do helps so that both mom, dad and children have their own relaxing space and then fully enjoy the activities shared with the family.