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dubai residency
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Dubai is known by everyone for its dazzling skyscrapers, striking and enchanting architecture, luxury shops and vibrant nightlife but why not takes a different look at the city during your stay? We offer you our top to admire the hidden treasures of the emirate. In the case of the dubai residency this is important.

Dromedary race at the Dubai Camel Racing Club

In the Middle East, camelids used to be the main form of transportation but nowadays you are more likely to see them on the racecourse than in the streets of this modern city. You do not believe what you see during the spectacle of the Dubai Camel Racing Club, because the dromedaries are not ridden by jockeys, but by small remote-controlled robots. This is a wonderful combination of old traditions and new techniques.

dubai residency

New York vibes in the middle of Dubai in the Tr. Beca Kitchen + Bar

Dubai is a popular destination, also for its vibrant nightlife. If you are looking for the latest trends and fascinating experiences, Tr. Beca Kitchen Bar is your destination par excellence. In this bar, which would not be out of place in Manhattan, everyone goes crazy in the evening and they enjoy delicious organic snacks in an artistic atmosphere. Don’t miss the Hip Hop Karaoke nights and get in the mood.

Coffee Museum: relax and enjoy a cup of Arabica

The city grew out of the Bur Dubai district. Away from the new neighborhoods where nothing seems big or modern enough, you will find a local atmosphere here to relax after an eventful evening and to wake up well, a visit to the Coffee Museum is an absolute must. In this museum, which is entirely devoted to coffee history, you imagine yourself halfway between Africa and the East and taste the most delicious coffee in a cozy atmosphere. A little zen to recover from the hustle and bustle of Dubai.

Other times in Bastakiya, the old quarter of Dubai

In Bastakiya, you are in the heart of Dubai’s historic district, away from the busy center and skyscrapers. Walking between the terracotta houses and the badgers or “wind towers”, which used to provide the necessary coolness, you will imagine yourself in the past. You almost feel like a sultan of the eighteenth century. Feel free to walk on to the Al-Fahidi Fort, which was built in 1787 and now houses the Dubai Museum.

An abra for a trip on Dubai Creek

When you say Dubai, you quickly think of the beautiful beaches, but the city also has a sea arm where you can enjoy sailing. Rent an abra to admire Dubai from a different angle. An abra is a traditional wooden boat with a canopy. Bet your crossing of Dubai Creek will be one of your best memories of the city? To rent an abra, one must book a day in advance by contacting the RTA services. Telephone number: 8009090.

Soho Beach Club: pool party until late at night.

Are you with friends and want to enjoy the vibrant nightlife? Then Dubai has everything to offer. Soho Beach is the nightclub par excellence of Dubai with its private beach, swimming pools and different music styles: the place to be to alternate dance and party with a refreshing dip in the water. Its a pool party that you will long remember with pleasure.