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video conferencing
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Video conferencing is nothing but the face to face meeting app. It is the advanced version of the mobile phone through mobile phones. We can speak one with another when we are in different places though we were connected through mobile phones.  Likewise, in video conferencing , one can talk with one another through gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, etc.  video conferencing plays a significant role in this pandemic situation because people cannot get out of their homes. Many inventors are inventing this video conferencing mode in our available gadgets.  Some of the video conferencing applications are entered into the play store also.  Many of the applications are not safe because some frauds entered through this site and gave some unwanted messages, but now the secured applications are there in the play store.  The application inventors have made the application for the sake of the android users and the IOS users that are nothing but the apple phone users.

Working and Uses

video conferencing

Video conferencing has been used to conduct meetings regarded to the office works, and in this particular pandemic situation, it has used to recruit people for their company.  We must note several things while we entered or use this video conferencing mode; we have to analyze our particular network’s speed and stability and the place where we stayed.  If we are in a remote village, we have to choose the fastest system to strengthen the network.  They are two types of video conferencing: point-to-point video conferencing and multi-point video conferencing.  The difference between end to indicate the mode and the multi-point mode is varies along with different places.  The point to point method is a video session between two people, but the multi-point mode has mainly used for the group of people like the board meetings or any friends gathering.  Video conferencing allows more than two people for the meeting that they can hear, speak, and picture their views through video conferencing mode.  Nowadays, people use this application for their personal uses also.  There are no other ways to get out of our home through this pandemic situation, so they are hanging out by this application to convey are spend some time with their friends too.  Video conferencing did not connect without the internet. We have to check our internet status and the video mode’s quality, and the internet’s speed and stability.  In this pandemic situation, many of the schools are using this video conferencing for their educational purpose.  Google meet shortly called the g meeting has used to take a class to the students.  And then, Zoom is the other application that has been used for the business purpose and the meeting purpose.  Although it has many opposing faces in the starting period, most people are using it horribly.  So the government had taken some measures to safeguard the application like it cannot be handle through the third party application, and only one member can be the host. They can admit the other people to join the meet, and they can leave the person at any time. These are the functions of the video conferencing.