Care Home Essex: Tips for supporting elderly neighbors

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Life in modern times can be very busy. The demands of work and family often lead to rushing from one place to another. Often, we try to cram as much into each day as possible, and after we get home, all we have energy for is to sit down and put our feet up. Even though we know these elderly people are in good hands, we don’t always take the time to stop and say hello.

It is very common for us to shout ‘How are you? ‘ into the air while our elderly neighbours wave at us through a window, making us remember to go by soon and check on them. Let’s give our elderly neighbours the gift of time this year by giving them a little extra time by making a special effort.

Our neighbours deserve our companionship

With Care Homes Essex , our compassionate and empathetic care is something we take pride in, but many older individuals in society do not require live-in assistance, so who is responsible for making sure they are safe? Everyone is responsible for making sure they are safe.

Despite the fact that plenty of older people handle their practical, day-to-day lives fairly well at home, they still get lonely and would appreciate the occasional phone call or visit. Perhaps a friendly chat or a cup of tea would help you to understand how they are, especially in the current economic climate.

Although most of us have been able to go out again after the lockdowns, we should not forget those who are unwilling or unable to leave their homes due to the lockdown.

In my area, how can I help elderly people?

People who live alone shouldn’t be forced to engage socially with others because we presume that they’re lonely. It would be wrong to assume that everyone who lives alone welcomes well-meaning strangers.

Care Homes Essex

Some people may prefer a more solitary lifestyle, and it would be wrong to assume that everyone would welcome hordes of well-meant calls. You may already know the preferences of your neighbours and whether they would welcome visitors or not if you’re checking in on your neighbours.

In a current situation, you also need to be aware of self-isolation. However, what else could we do to be helpful to the person if they’re already able to have some company?

Care packages

In order to provide care packages to someone who may need them but cannot obtain them according to their needs, perhaps because they are housebound, it is a nice way to do so. A care package on the doorstep for someone who is isolated would be a lovely touch as there may be older people who do not like ordering items online.

In addition, why not knock on your neighbours’ doors and ask if they need anything from the supermarket? It is possible to still make an isolated relative feel special by sending a care package to their letterbox, even if they live further away.

Run errands

Even those who are not self-isolated will have difficulty accessing supermarket essentials. For example, essential health supplies are often needed to be collected from pharmacies; and although many now offer direct delivery, it may be unfamiliar to the patient how the service works and cannot be set up.

Lastly, pets need to be taken into consideration. Many older people or those who are vulnerable may have difficulty caring for their animals during colder months, such as walking dogs or fetching food.