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First of all, the manual is also called a technical communication document or use guide, it helps people to give assistance using a particular system. This manual is only written with the help of a technical writer, programmers who write the user guide, and also technical staff, project managers, or others in any company. These manuals associated more with computer hardware, electronic goods, and software, it also written for some other products also. Most of the manuals contain both associated images and written instructions. Moreover in computer application, it always contains a screenshot of human-machine connection and hardware guide that includes simple and accurate images. Most of the manuals are prepared in all major languages to understand by all kinds of people. So that only they can easily study the manymanuals and work according to them. Some manuals are very minimum or maximum according to the product.

Some major sections


In manuals, there are some important sections without those sections the manual is incomplete. The sections are a cover page or first page, copyright page, title page, the preface is a detail that contains documents or information on how to use the manuals properly, content page, most important sections are purpose section in this section only we can overview the document, audience section is to show who is able to read and not, troubleshooting section is to give a possible error or problem in that documents and it also shows how to rectify it. FAQ section is used to give contact details and where to find help, the last section is a glossary this is mostly used in large documents only.


The manuals are groomed into the Antikythera mechanism model. In ancient devices, only the manuals are found. A major example is an Antikythera mechanism, Greek analog computer was found on the coast of Antikythera island in 1990. Passage of text is one the cover of the device that describes some features and instructions of the mechanism. In today’s world, the software industry is questioning which is the best document for software programs. It was a separate problem for all software developers. So it became frustrated by all users. So users consider writing manuals in plain language, short and easy to read, print the digital programs, and some design too.

Manuals and guides are mostly used in non-trivial applications that are books like documents with the same content in the above list. It may be transported in print or electronically. Some manuals will have more links in a more fluid structure. This Google map user guide is a simple example. In documents, the term guide will show the special things in a software product. Some manuals help to get start the device that is called an installation guide or getting started guide. In some applications, some users will access only some application functions, so that only manuals are prepared for all groups of people. If people brought any device or product, it all contains manuals. It is like a bunch of papers, it shows all the information for the product and it doesn’t contain unwanted information or more description about the product. It shows simple information about the product overall. Some manuals contain images also because uneducated people also can understand the manual by seeing the image itself. So that they easily gain information about the product.