Autism and its characteristics
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Autism is a disorder in growth that affects the interaction of the child from birth. It affects the person in many ways like nervous disorder, changes in physical, mental and social strength and behaviour. It’s a kind of depression that makes people behave differently from ordinary human beings. They can be treated and but not able to cure 100%, if it is identified in the earlier stage those people can get rid of it by regular practice and treatment or else they have to be in treatment for a long time. is a website that helps to find a proper doctor and treatment for this syndrome. It is also named Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


Autism children do not mingle easily with society. During the time of social interaction, they behave oddly and they avoid such places or else they go and settle at the end of the room. They do not show interest in common things but they show their abnormal talent in handling a single object in a different way that the ordinary child can’t able to think those things. The main point is to focus that they are specialised extraordinarily in one talent but they are not able to cope up with many things as the normal children do. They face difficulty in fulfilling the daily routine activities. They can’t able to concentrate on the things which are happening in and around them. They may not able to respond to the five senses properly but they can behave strongly to one sense. They show their interest abundantly in one specific thing that they give more importance. They are very adamant about one thing. They show the same body language for the whole day or to some days and their emotions and expressions are very different from normal human beings.

Some Examples

Some of the children felt very difficulty in handling the pencil to write but in turn, they have a talent of an artist to draw and paint a picture as perfect as the original. They can’t able to write but they had a good memory of the words and the music which was taught to them. In some cases, they can’t mingle with the people freely in knowing something in groups but if they are treated specially and individually they can handle the computer successfully in all aspects. They show their stronger reactions to heat, noise, calm and other things. They find it difficult in choosing the food, dress, colours, taste etc. anxiety plays a vital role in them when they are stopped during their routine work. They get irritated and behave oddly even if they are asked to come for lunch because they feel disturbed while doing some work.


To conclude, it is a syndrome that has to be taken care of seriously right from the beginning otherwise it may lead to dangerous behaviour of the ASD child. They can be brought to normal life by treating them in a way of counselling and handle them with proper care and intention. The parents or the caretaker will turn them into the talented kid. They can transform their odd behaviour into a skilled one and make them focused on a single talent to exhibit it and make them successful in a single goal.