Web design and mobile app development: Few easy steps to learn

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What should be your goal as a web designer? It’s simple – making apps and websites aesthetically pleasing and convenient to use. For web designers and app developers , it’s crucial to focus on the drawing, theory of web design, and the latest tools and software. Seattle website and app development company has a team of qualified and professional designers who can take care of your business web development project, and deliver the best result before time.

Learning Web design with WordPress: Adding and editing an image

Now, we will add an image in the top left with the text wrapped around it. To do that, we can click at the start of our text, and up at the top – click “add media.” Here, we need to click select files in the middle, or if we’re in the media library, then you just need to click upload files. Now, select files, and click on an image, and then click open. Once you’ve chosen your image, you can add your text and alternative text for SEO. If we just leave all of these as is, we can’t change them in the editor as well. So click insert into the page, and you’ll see the image appear in the main preview.

app developers

As you can see the text is appearing underneath the image, so to make the text wrap around the image – we click on the image itself and then align it left. Now you can see the text is wrapping around the image. But the image is still a little bigger than our liking. So to make the image smaller or bigger, we can click on the image and then drag the corners in or out. Once you’re happy with how it looks in the editor, we can just click preview on the right-hand side to make sure that it looks good when it’s live on our site. If I wanted it a little bit bigger than the current, we can close the preview, click on the image again, and drag the square out slightly. Then preview the page again, and I think that looks a lot better now. Obviously this is still not a great page, but I’m just trying to show you all the different options and trying to make this guide not take forever. So once you’ve added your text and your image and your title we can just close the preview and then publish our new page by clicking publish on the right-hand side. If we’re not quite ready to publish it yet, we can save that as a draft, and publish it whenever we are ready.

If you’re satisfied with the end result for now, then you can click publish – once we click publish, it is going to be live on our new site, and we can see it by clicking at the top where it says view page. Now we can see our title, image, text, and everything else live on the webpage. You’ll also notice that the menus appeared as well, and that’s because we’ve added our first page. Before we start changing the layout options in the customize section, we needed to see the webpage online to check what we have done so far and what else we need to do.