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homework market review
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Writing an essay is a big project and there is plenty to say about how to do it. We can’t cover everything here, so we’ve made a list of reading tips at the end of this chapter. Your institution may also have your own essay guide. Read it carefully. Since this text is aimed at all students at Stockholm University, we keep our advice very general. Therefore, you must find out for yourself how your institution wants the thesis. The use of the homework market review happens to be essential in this case now.

homework market review

Essay Writing for You

When you write an essay you are involved in creating new knowledge. You simply make a research effort in miniature. Research always starts with a question, or problem, that captures what you want to investigate. A research question should be objective and be able to lead to a meaningful answer. Often you have to work on the research issue in several different steps. From the beginning, it can be quite wide and a bit fuzzy, but then the picture clears.

  • Another important point is that in most cases your investigation must be theoretically grounded. Thus, there must be a starting point in a perspective and research that already exists. In other words, there are limitations to how innovative you can be. If you are not sure what the research looks like in the area you are interested in, you need to ask your teacher, supervisor or other knowledgeable people.
  • Another requirement for research is described with the validity and reliability of the word. Validity is about your study measuring what you think. Maybe there are sources of error that affect the result? Reliability is about if your survey is replicable, that is, if someone else can do it and gets the same result.

Reliability is especially important if you are doing a quantitative survey. It is a study of a larger, often statistical material, where the answer can be expressed in numbers. For example, it can be a large survey where a certain percentage of the informants answer yes to a question and others no. The opposite is a qualitative study where the answer is expressed in words. For example, it may be about interviews with a smaller group of people who have been given open questions.

At some institutions, there are certain topics to choose from when it is time to write an essay. However, if you do not receive any suggestions on topics, you must choose one yourself. Then it may be good to choose one

That you are interested in but not too interested

Writing an essay can be challenging

If you choose a topic that you are interested in, it will be a little easier. But if you choose your absolute favorite subject that you have frozen in since you learned to read, it can cause problems in terms of invoice selection and objectivity. So right interested is best which is close to what you have studied during any course which is recommended by a previous essay writer. Almost all papers conclude with proposals for further research in their field. Older essays can, therefore, be a gold mine. However, do not go back more than about five years in time if there are newer essays.