The Perfect Choices for the Process of IP Tracking

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If you want to find out a foreign IP address that is connected to your system, all you need is a command from Windows and a Web query for the foreign IP. Already with on-board means of Windows, you can indicate which foreign IP addresses are connected to your system. However, to find out who is behind an IP address, you are dependent on outside help. In the following tip, we’ll show you how to find and track a foreign IP address on your system with myip .

IP addresses are clearly assigned on the Internet

While you can assign the IP address for computers and components such as printers or Smart TV yourself in a local network, IP addresses on the Internet are unique and uniquely assigned. If you use a router such as the Fritz Box, this gets from your Internet provider a unique, unique IP address through which you send and receive data on the Internet.

Display your own IP address


IPv4 and IPv6: In addition to the IP addresses used for years IPv4, consisting of 4 numbers between 0 and 255, there is also IPv6 . Both your router and Windows, therefore, use IPv6 as well as decimal IPv4. These addresses are much more complex and hexadecimal. The introduction of IPv6 was due to the fact that the maximum available IPv4 addresses are not sufficient to provide all devices worldwide with a unique IP address. Currently, Windows systems and routers still use both addresses. In the medium term, however, a change to IPv6 is planned.

You can use a command in the Power Shell or CMD to display all external IP addresses

Display a list of all connections to the local network and the Internet. The structure of the list takes a moment – it includes the port, the local address, the remote address and the status of the connection.

In the list, you will find entries with IP addresses within the local area address space ( to, to and to, which only has network-internal communication, for example between Windows machine and NAS, maps. On the other hand, it shows entries outside the private IP space, i.e. external IP addresses from the Internet.

Using different web services, you can find out a foreign IP address

More exciting are, therefore, the connections to IP addresses outside the local network, in our example above the IP Although you can use the Ping command to ping the I P address and possibly receive a response, you still do not see who owns the IP address. To trace back the IP, you can use one of the many

Retrace foreign IP

A WHOIS query may find the owner of a foreign IP address. Since Dropbox is installed and active on the Windows PC, there is nothing to worry about.

It as an impact but can also come out an anonymization service anywhere in the world.

Possible pest on the system: In this case, there is a risk that you have a virus or Trojan on your PC, which spy or transmit data in the background. It should then disconnect the system immediately from the Internet and test it with a virus scanner for possible threats.