The Lily and the Usage in Long Hours Gifts

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His majesty the lily is a bulbous plant that belongs to the family Liliaceae. Very fragrant and available in almost all colors, it is a starflower bouquets and floral arrangements. There are about 100 lily species that come from Europe, North America and South Asia. The most common hybrids are Destiny, Empress of India, Imperial Gold or Stargazer. You can visit Anchor text:,, here, see more, more if you want to gift the flowers.

The lily flower consists of three petals and three similar sepals. The funnel-shaped or trumpet-shaped flower center is occupied by large stamens. The lily exists in all colors except blue. When you want to gift the same, then visit

In the natural state, the lily can reach 1 meter in height against 80 cm maximum in a pot. If it can bloom again for several years in the garden, its life in an apartment is ephemeral and does not exceed the time of flowering. You can get more here.

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In the garden, the lily produces a summer bloom and rest in winter. Growing techniques, however, allow florists to deal with lilies throughout the year. It is a star value flower bouquets and floral creations.

The maintenance of the lily

The lily substrate is composed of siliceous garden soil and potting soil. It is possible to administer liquid fertilizer once every 15 days during the growing season.

  • Watering the lily is usually done once a week. Let the substrate dry between two waterings and make sure that the water does not stagnate at the bottom of the pot.
  • The lily needs a lot of light and supports direct sunlight a good part of the day. Indoors, it is advisable to have it close to a window.
  • If the plant appreciates the benefits of the sun’s rays during its growth, it is essential to keep it away from heat sources, such as a radiator.
  • The lily does not need a very high humidity level. It adapts very well to the atmosphere of our apartments, as long as the temperatures remain cool.

The lily in history and religion

Although its small flowers are fragile and discreet, lily of the valley is a very popular flower. Floral symbol of the May Day, it is a lucky charm that we associate with the luck and joy of the beautiful days found. Available in strand, pot or bouquet, lily of the valley presents a rich historical past, crowned with legends.

Lily of the valley is a perennial and herbaceous plant of the family Liliaceae. Originally from Japan, it is introduced in Europe in the Middle Ages. It is harvested today in all temperate zones of the northern hemisphere. Lily of the valley grows everywhere in France, except in the Mediterranean region.

The lily of the valley flowers is distinguished by a multitude of small white or pastel bells hanging on a pole protected by two or three leaves. This flowering, which takes place in April and July, is relatively short: 4 weeks maximum. Lily of the valley is appreciated for its sweet and musky scent.

Last Words

In time, the lily of the valley flowers is replaced by small red berries. Caution, thrush is very toxic and ingestion can cause serious disorders, abdominal pain to heart problems. Well exposed in the garden, lily of the valley proliferates very quickly.