The Essential Use of the Metal Signs for You

metal signs
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There is a price list for the costs of advertising metal signs in Rome and other cities. Prices are sensitive to the period and availability. Medium and small local businesses do not have a planned and certain budget for advertising and it is not easy to understand how much advertising costs. The actions to be taken are decided at the moment according to commercial needs.

The legality of spaces: the advertising sign is not placed in a space reserved for its use

Visibility problem: the advertising signs are positioned in a street with little passage or covered by external elements

Advertising message problem: graphics and texts are not easy to read due to incorrect graphic work

metal signs

Advertising sign and other means

Large and medium-sized companies have a marketing office and plan well in advance with advertising agencies to optimize costs and increase results.

Advertising signs prices

Advertising costs: everyone knows the advertising signs on the road and on buses. Advertising agencies are used to plan on billboards and other media both for the graphic and idea creation and for the purchase of advertising spaces at the lowest price. The advertising agency supervises and verifies the success of the campaign. At the bottom, we indicatively leave a simple price list that may have variations for the reasons explained.

Let’s start with the outdoor advertising costs:

  • The price for an advertising billboard costs from € 140 to € 200
  • The price for a road sign costs from € 1,300 to € 1,900
  • Advertising on buses has a price that far exceeds € 5,000
  • The GoTv on the metro in Rome is priced at around € 1,500 per week in Rome
  • Advertisements in free-press newspapers such as metro and I read cost around € 2,000 for 4/5 releases on a half-page format

Planning and choosing the medium are two fundamental moments for the success of a campaign. Evaluating all the possibilities that the market offers is the first thing to give, then trying to understand how much product I have to sell to recover the investment plus a profit and evaluate the feasibility.

Create a plan with several options that can be inserted at appropriate times to improve the effectiveness of the campaign.

Making sure that signs are up to standard is a first step in getting things right unless you want to incur administrative penalties. we summarize the problems in 3 key concepts:

This, however, involves constant exposure to the sun’s rays (or in any case to the high summer temperatures) of the advertising signs, which could cause problems of their duration over time. Later we explain how to avoid them.

How can they help us in our business?

Whether it is printing on Dibond, forex, PVC, polionda or aluminum, these types of advertising signs can turn your business around. The how is very simple to explain, almost obvious.

If you can find the right geographical point, the work is already halfway done. Once you have established where, suitable but above all crowded, inserting an advertisement for your company can be a trump card. It would certainly guarantee you a lot of visibility. Whether the message (both the copy and the graphics) that you want to transmit will be able to convert, it depends above all on you. Relying on a good graphic designer and a good copywriter will certainly be a strength in your visual strategy.