The best Experiences for the Immigration Solicitors

immigration solicitor london
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If he has been practicing law for at least 5 years, and at least 2 years has been working in the field of law you need, then you should continue to communicate with him. Otherwise, we recommend looking for another specialist.

immigration solicitor london

The Indications

Another indicator of the quality of a solicitor’s work is the number of cases won. Those who claim to have no lost cases in their track record are lying. Contacting such specialists is more expensive. Be wary of outsiders, where losses prevail over wins. Please note how complicated the lawsuits were, in which the solicitor managed to issue a court opinion in favor of his client. This is also an indirect indicator of professionalism: a beginner can cope with light suits, but only a master can win a serious business. The immigration solicitor london offers the perfect support here

  • Often, law enforcement officers become former law enforcement officers. They have significant experience in the police, excellent knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the investigation, which increases the likelihood of winning in court. But there is a flip side to the coin: sometimes such solicitors act as informants, “draining” information about their client to the relevant structures. Try to avoid such specialists.
  • Find out the procedure for paying for a solicitor. The following points should alert you: the solicitor does not name the exact amount or tariff; requires prepayment (advance payment). Usually, fraudsters interested solely in filling their own pockets act according to this scheme. Among honest solicitors, the practice of calculating with the client based on the results of the proceedings (receiving payment in case of winning in court) or tariffing depending on the time spent is accepted.

Observe the attorney’s behavior during the conclusion of the contract and during the course of the litigation. Refusal to fix the exact tariff in the contract means: in the future, they will try to draw extra money under any pretext. A solicitor who does not answer calls should raise suspicion. Your defender is required to take the initiative and inform the client about the progress of the case. If he does not, look for another.

No Trust Options

Do not trust intermediary specialists who promise to “solve” your problem unofficially, in other words, for a bribe to a judge. Firstly, there are no guarantees that he will not put this money in his pocket. Secondly, such an act is a direct violation of professional ethics, and where is the guarantee that the next violation will not be the “drain” of information on you to the investigating authorities.

Ask your attorney for methods of building your defense. An indistinct, insignificant answer is evidence of unprofessionalism, as well as an irresponsible attitude towards one’s duties. Decide for yourself whether to choose a solicitor who is not interested in making a court decision in your favor. Advice on choosing a solicitor In conclusion, some more tips to help you choose a solicitor who can adequately protect your interests: Look for a specialist who is willing to compromise.