Security Cameras and the way They Actually Help You Out

กล้องวงจรปิด ราคา
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กล้องวงจรปิด ราคา

The CCTV system is a set of devices that enable reception, processing, archiving, and displaying of image and sound in monitored facilities. It is used in companies and public utilities, but more and more often also goes to private homes and multi-family housing. The กล้องวงจรปิด ราคา CCTV abbreviation comes from English and consists of the first letters of the words Closed Circuit Television, which can be translated as industrial television, video monitoring, video surveillance, and television surveillance systems. This solution is part of modern security installations. This system allows you to track events recorded by the camera from a distance. The image thus obtained is transmitted (via cable or by radio) and received only at the receiving center.

  • Already at the design stage of the installation and selection of devices, it should be remembered that CCTV systems differ mainly in the degree of expansion.
  • The simplest system is based on a single camera . This allows you to observe the immediate surroundings. The monitoring effect can be viewed on the TV screen, CCTV monitor, or computer. An important role is also played by commutation devices, modulators, and A / D converters. The image can be archived using a recording device.
  • Advanced systems , which are much more complex – up to several hundred cameras. They use analog or network cameras, as well as commutation devices, multiplexers, dividers, and A / D converters.
  • When choosing a particular solution, one should bear in mind the fact that the market offer in the field of vision systems is very extensive. So it’s best if their choice is made by professionals.

CCTV is often included in other security systems. Most often, it is an intelligent building. In addition, the existence of a CCTV system in public facilities allows an early and correct response of the security services or technical staff of the building. In this type of facilities, it is also important to support fire systems and access control.

The digitally working system is both effective and convenient. This is particularly about the IP address and the ability to view the image via the website. This is very beneficial because the Ethernet network already exists very often, while analog connections often require proper installation. If the information is to be sent over longer distances, choose the digital link. Digital camera models have at least a few functions that are not available for analog devices. It’s all about data compression and motion recognition.

The Image

The image captured by the camera can be recorded. The simplest recorders work with a PC-class computer via a USB port. In this solution, an audio / video source can be connected to the computer. Systems of this type are very often called mini recorders. They are powered from the USB port.

The computer software that streamlines the entire system is an important element of the entire installation. Among the many advantages resulting from the use of this type of solutions should be distinguished above all automatic notification of operator events and people outside the monitored facility.