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اغاني عراقية
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Services also appear that use artificial intelligence as a learning partner., offered by YuanYin Technology, helps children learn instruments more easily with an application that has features such as visualization of sounds. For more on the downloads you can go for اغاني عراقية .

Learning With Music

The piano is especially suitable for interactive learning and visualization of sounds, because each key on the keyboard represents a specific musical note, making it clear when the student makes a mistake in the position of the finger.

About 20 thousand pieces of music performed by professional pianists are stored in 1yinyue format, and the playback process is displayed on a graph on the screen in real time when playing any of them. The tempo and pressure of the fingers, as well as the pedal technique and finger movements are also displayed on the graph.
User productivity is checked using a smartphone or tablet and evaluated, and errors are indicated in real time. Based on the practice data, the application develops a new practice plan for the user.
The Application

The application is available for free for a two-week trial period, and then for 98 yuan per month, although free use is allowed for 15 minutes a day. YuanYin does not advertise the service, but already has 20 thousand registered users, including 3 thousand daily active users who practice playing the piano for an average of 50 minutes a day. According to company representatives, the number of members per week is increasing by 1 thousand people.

Services streaming listening to music on the Web are gaining popularity

Soon listening to music online will become more popular than downloading individual tracks in online stores or file-sharing networks, NPD Group predicts.

For the first time in history, the performance of music downloads and online listening in streaming mode in the USA is almost equal. This is stated in a new report by the research company NPD Group.

So, 30% of the users surveyed said that they downloaded music on the Web in August this year – only 1% more than in March. The popularity of streaming music in August reached 29% versus 25% in March. The research NPD Group took into account only the actions of users of personal computers with Mac OS or Windows.

According to analysts, users in the US are increasingly listening to music through streaming services due to their simplicity and convenience. It is expected that in the future, streaming services will continue to grow, and will soon overtake downloading music tracks.

اغاني عراقية

Earlier, streaming services have already outstripped the popularity of online music stores and file-sharing services through which users most often download songs in several European countries, including France and Britain.
According to experts, this should also have a positive effect on reducing the volume of music piracy on the Web, as users who have legal access to their music of interest on various sites often stop downloading it through torrents or file sharing.

Last Words

However, this trend may adversely affect the income of online stores on the Web, which earn on the sale of individual tracks. The largest online music stores in the US remain iTunes and Amazon. According to a recent survey by MASMI Russia, 95.8% of Russian users listen to music on their computer. At the same time, 88.6% of them listen to music tracks on the Web in streaming mode.