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Workers Compensation Insurance
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Usually, in most states, a workers’ compensation policy is purchased by the employers to cover the compensation claims during the injury or death of the employee during the course of the job. The insurance should be got from a licensed insurer and should be authorized to write policies in that particular state. It has to be noted that the local workers’ compensation office will not provide you the compensation, it is there to help you sort the grievances and queries about the compensation. It neither has any list of the insurers and the particular companies are insured under it. If you want information regarding this there is a special website for each state which gives you an idea of self-insured employers. Know more on Workers Compensation Insurance .

Who comes under the compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance

It has to be noted that independent contractors are not covered under the workers’ compensation. And you will have to check out what classifies as an independent contractor and the broad definition would be that whoever hires you will not determine the details of the work that you will be doing for them. If you are an independent contractor, the employer has no right to terminate you or pays you wage or salary for your services. There won’t be any deductions for social security also the employer can’t specify the number of hours or days you would have to work. The employer will not be supplying the independent contractor with either tools or raw material for the work.

It has to be noted that the workers who file for the workers’ compensation using the forms from the local workers’ compensation office can be secure as their social security number is used for reference by the office and none of the confidential information is passed on to any agency or person. Unless there is an authorization of the law for doing so. And once the claims benefits are claimed by the injured party, the case is closed, and the information is kept discreet.

Responsibilities of employers

The employer has to have certain responsibilities which are to adhere under the worker’s compensation law. The employer must have compensation insurance in place before an injury occurs in the course of work. This will be a good way to be self-insured. There is a need to notify the worker or employee about the rights and responsibilities which would be inclusive of the workers’ compensation. There a need to have this information posted in a place where it is available for all the employees/workers to see.

If there is an injury the employer has to give you the claim form within 24 hours of the reported injury and illness that is work related. And you should receive the completed copy within that working day. The authorized payment of a certain amount for medical expenses within the day of receiving the claim from the injured party. If the injury isn’t severe the need to provide transitional work to the to the injured person. Out of the compensation received the employer has to right to ask the injured person to pay for the insurance premium.

The notice posted at the workplace should contain the coverage of compensation the workers are to receive and the medical care that will be given for work-related injuries. If the notice is not posted this would be a violation of the law which would carry a penalty.