How to Use AdBlocker Extension Tool on Desktop

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To attain the content in less time without the need of viewing the adverts that get displayed on the device screen when surfing on the internet this Adblocker is useful to block those ads. It is the most popular kind of extension that was built by software developers when they got inspired by the Firefox extension which was used long ago. Today this extension is known as adBlocker and Adblock Plus. It was actually the creation of Wladimir Palant in the year 2006, for the sake of web browsers to give them ad-free access to the internet. Later He founded “”>Eyeo after joining his hands with Till Faida in 2011. This open source development software suits best for any device and till date more than 60 million people had availed its services on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Facebook, YouTube, and Safari.


Follow these Simple Steps to Access Ad block:

  1. When on the internet for finding your content an Image titled Android7chrome.png displays on Google Chrome. Open that blue, green, yellow, and red sphere icon.
  2. Next visit the website of
  3. Click on the blue ad block extension button immediately your respective browser will show you the browser extension installation page on your device.
  4. Now click on the Add extension button visible on Chrome and when you revive the page the AdBlock extension completes the installation process.
  5. After installation, on the top right side of Chrome window, you will see a red color stop sign button with a white hand. Just click on that adblock
  6. You will also come to view several clickable icons, choose the middle button from the drop down menu for Adblock and click over it.
  7. Now use the tab FILTER LISTS
  8. The “Acceptable Ads” box should be unchecked. If you had already unchecked this box then leave it.
  9. Do check for add-on ad-blocking options which include the following:
  • Access the Removal list that will help you to remove websites warnings while running AdBlock.
  • Now you need to choose the Antisocial filter list that will enable you to do away with the Facebook “Like” button which is visible alongside other social media web page buttons.
  • Gain easy privacy as it completely protects your personal data being hacked by hackers by blocking tracking.
  • When accessed this software tool it helps to remove a wide range of small fanboy’s annoyances that are present across web.
  • It provides the web browsers complete malware protection by blocking the sites that are subjected to malware issues.
  1. Now the AdBlock tab should be closed as your installation process is completed on the Google Chrome. Now access the web browsing that is entirely ad-free.


Follow the above-mentioned steps to make your future web browsing ad-free automatically that is safe and faster. Please visit the website for more information regarding the installation of ad block extension on your desktop for blocking the unwanted ads that appear on your screen when surfing on the internet.