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Cheap Houston Energy Rates
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A small gesture makes great savings at the end of the year. Are you an owner? In addition to these small steps to save energy, some interior work can lower your electricity bill. Facilitated by state aid for thermal renovation, they allow a significant reduction and new comfort. For the Cheap Houston Energy Rates this is essential.

Change the heaters

Of course, this is a possible modification for the owners and a little more difficult to set up for the tenants, unless you negotiate with the lessor. Electric heaters, yes but efficient radiators.

Cheap Houston Energy Rates

From convector heaters to inertia fluid or dry, the difference in consumption is significant and can reduce your bills quickly. Especially if you couple this new heating equipment to a reinforcement of your insulation of roof spaces with blowing or spreading, insulation of interior partitions, external thermal insulation. Think of your project as a whole, it can allow you to do cheap renovation work by taking advantage of state aid. Reducing your heating bills is the first step to reducing your electricity bill.

Anticipate and program

Do you often hesitate between switching off the heating completely when you are not there and leaving it in eco-mode? If the accommodation is not occupied during the day, you can manually switch it to the eco mode when you leave. Then lower it at bedtime to avoid unnecessarily heating the rooms.

The mornings will be a little cool, but the fact of not stopping it completely and alternating economic mode and heating time saves money. The easiest way is to install thermostatic valves or a room thermostat in order to program the time periods where you need to heat a little and a little less. Regulated and smoothed consumption avoids peak consumption, reduces bills and is much more comfortable.

Save energy from lighting

Low-energy light bulbs help limit energy costs. This is all the more important as 10 to 15% of the French electricity consumption is dedicated to lighting.

Hunt for waste by asking all family members about their involvement in your electricity bill reduction project: systematically switch off when the room is no longer occupied, invest in LED bulbs (instantaneous intensity, lifespan longer, no heating), or halogen or compact fluorescent bulbs. If you are in a bright house, remember to regularly cut the trees in front of the windows to take advantage of the sun’s rays rather than the rays of the bulbs. It’s much better and it’s free.

Note that it is possible for you to benefit from 10 low-consumption LED bulbs completely free of charge thanks to the “Energy transition” law within the framework of the Energy Savings Certificates system.

Adopt low consumption equipment

It’s quite simple to say, but sometimes difficult to do. It takes a small budget to change your household appliances. If possible, opting for class A appliances can reduce energy costs. If this is not currently possible, most washing machines and dishwashers have an eco-mode. Do not hesitate to use it.

For the freezer, be aware that the warmer the room in which it is stored, the more electricity it consumes to keep food cools. As if that were not enough, know that 1mm of frost rhymes with overconsumption of about 10%. It’s a word to the wise.