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Power to Choose
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Given the number of offers available, choosing an electricity supplier is not always easy. But the effort is worth it: by carefully comparing the options available to you, you can make valuable savings and optimize the management of your electricity consumption. Close up on the different existing offers and the main criteria to take into account to help you find the electricity supplier for you. With the Power to Choose the low budget electric supplier, you can actually save a lot of money.

When to choose an electricity supplier

Power to Choose

If choosing an electricity supplier is necessary during a move the subscription of an offer is mandatory to commission electricity in your new home, you can also change supplier for your current home. Know that in France, you are free to cancel your electricity contract when you want because all offers are without the commitment to duration.

How to compare the rates of electricity offers?

To properly compare electricity suppliers, you must take into account the rates, kWh price and subscription price displayed at the time of subscription of your electricity contract. Knowing that as a rule:

  • Offers with a low kWh price have a slightly higher subscription,
  • A low subscription rhymes with a price of the kWh a little higher.
  • Discover our green electricity offers
  • Know that all electricity offers are green, with no commitment to duration

Adopt green energy

Rely on your power consumption, if it’s important for example if you have a large, fully heated house use a low kWh price. Even if the subscription is a little high, you should save money. On the other hand, if you consume little electricity, use offers with lower subscriptions. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your electricity supplier: the posted HTT rates may change during your contract depending on the operation of the offer.

Focus on the operation of electricity offers

Since the opening of the market, you have the choice between:

The regulated electricity tariff: set by the public authorities, it is only available from historical suppliers. Its evolution has been globally increasing for several years,

The market offers: HTT rates are set freely by electricity providers.

Usually, the market offers are designed to be more competitive than the regulated tariff but always compare before choosing. They can take the form:

A fixed-price market offer: the HTT price per kWh will remain frozen throughout your contract, even if the regulated tariff increases,

A downward adjustable fixed price market offer: the HTT price per kWh cannot increase but it can decrease on the anniversary dates of your contract if the regulated tariff has decreased,

A price-indexed market offer: this means that the price of the kWh HTT or that of the subscription HTT of the supply follows the variations of the regulated tariff with the increase as with the fall but always with X% of reduction to stay below the regulated tariff.

What about prices?

The offers are subject to the same taxation system, regardless of the electricity supplier you choose. An increase in the prices TTC always remains possible, according to the decisions of the State. In practice, the price-indexed electricity offers give you immediate discounts while fixed-price offers allow you to save money in the long run, in the event of a steady increase in the regulated price: it’s up to you.