Causes of anxiety and depression, which we often overlook
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Getting into a fight with depression and anxiety is a long-distance run. It may also be that the true reason for depression is sometimes difficult to detect. In you can have a proper understanding of the matter now.

By server, up to 40 percent of depressed patients do not respond to treatment and just over half of patients respond only partially to therapy. The question arises as to whether this causes inappropriate treatment choices due to the unknown cause of depression or anxiety.

Indeed, a growing body of research shows that depression and anxiety can often be symptoms of other diseases or the consequences of many factors that we can influence. This knowledge gives new hope to doctors and patients, and finding the true cause of mental problems can help you choose the appropriate treatment.

Of course, most of the depression stems from stress, fear and tension. Therapist said that long-term unresolved fears or difficult situations can turn into anxiety and consequently depressed states that take pleasure in life. The look of every new day is in black and one is thinking more and more about the meaning of life and whether it has any meaning at all.

Tips from a therapist to relieve anxiety

If long-term stress grows over the head, the field of action for anxiety is released. Insomnia, migraines, stomach problems, dizziness, fast heartbeat and palpitations come.

  • Create simple daily rituals – for example, drink a cup of herbal tea at bedtime, start a new day of thanks every day or do breathing exercises before bedtime.
  • Do not read or follow the news every day, instead go for a walk or yoga.
  • Look for positive activities, swap horror and thrill watches with comedies.
  • Be more aware of what information, images feed your mind.
  • Stop, look around, perceive the present moment, and stop your mind for at least five minutes a day.
  • Add new elements to your life, change your established habits, find a new hobby, and change your dress style.

At night, you feel awake in your chest, you can’t breathe, and there’s something heavy in your stomach. The body is in tension and relaxation does not come. At this moment the body and mind are calling for help. It is necessary to notice changes in moods. If more days are dark and you see less and less, it’s time to stop and change your lifestyle. If changes and deceleration don’t help and you don’t see the meaning of life, you need to visit a psychologist, psychotherapist and sometimes psychiatrist especially if thoughts often point to the question of death and to relieve it.

According to therapist, anxiety and depression can truly destroy life. What was entertaining before was suddenly gone. No joy, no desire, no light, just survival, closing into solitude and doing the most necessary. The most popular activity is sleep, silence, dark room and nobody anywhere. The family and loved ones suddenly do not understand what is wrong with you and where the person they knew disappeared.

Sometimes the causes of depressive states are more or less clear, sometimes it is difficult to detect them. We will now introduce some of the more difficult to detect and often overlooked causes of depression and anxiety.