Buying a vacuum cleaner: what do you pay attention to?

dyson canister vacuum reviews
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Vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. According to experts, dyson canister vacuum is highly in demand nowadays. You can go through dyson canister vacuum reviews before buying. Moreover, with these buying tips, you choose the device that suits you.

dyson canister vacuum reviews

Types of vacuum cleaners

A cantilever vacuum cleaner with and without a bag

The sled vacuum cleaner or cylinder vacuum cleaner is the traditional vacuum cleaner as we know it. They are available with and without a dust bag and usually only suitable for dry vacuuming. This is the type of vacuum cleaner that we test continuously. View the best vacuum cleaner.

Handle cleaner

A steel vacuum cleaner is a cordless vacuum cleaner that moves you forward. This is in contrast to a sled vacuum cleaner, which you pull after you. Because it is compact and runs on a battery, a steel vacuum cleaner is ideal for quick and easy access. Some suck perfectly clean but have a short duration of use. It is therefore primarily a good addition to a regular vacuum cleaner.

Robot vacuum cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner moves independently through your house while it sucks the floor. Most drive when the battery is almost empty themselves back to the charging station to recharge. It is ideal for keeping things in a household with children or pets, but vacuuming yourself is still necessary.

Water vacuum cleaner or building vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is also called a multi-vacuum, all-purpose vacuum cleaner or building vacuum cleaner. They are robust vacuum cleaners and therefore suitable for coarser or very fine work. They can often suck both wet and dry.

Crumb thief

A petty thief is a cordless hand vacuum cleaner for smaller surfaces. Often with different mouthpieces for, for example, pet hairs or cracks. A single can also absorb liquids. Sometimes a petty thief sits on a steel vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner with or without a bag

Nowadays, almost all brands sell both vacuum cleaners with and without bags. Quality and price can vary greatly. Roughly these are the most important features:


A vacuum cleaner with dust bag

A vacuum cleaner bag costs around $ 2 to $ 3 for a brand dust bag and $ 1.50 for an unbranded bag. The contents of the bag differ.

A vacuum cleaner with dust bag on average sucks dust and hair from carpet better than bagless vacuum cleaners. However, this difference is getting smaller and smaller, and some bagless models now also suck very well.

When changing a dust bag, you come into contact with dust less than when emptying and cleaning the dust container of a bagless vacuum cleaner. This makes a vacuum cleaner with dust bag more suitable for people with a dust allergy than a bagless vacuum cleaner.

Bagless vacuum cleaner

With a bagless vacuum cleaner, you save the costs of vacuum cleaner bags. You have to empty and clean the dust container yourself, which can cause problems for people with a dust allergy.

Previously, bagless vacuum cleaners on average made much more noise than bagged vacuum cleaners, but nowadays it differs little more. There are very quiet bagless vacuum cleaners for sale. View the quietest bagless vacuum cleaners.