Better Deals with the Local Advantages in Real Estate
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Are you going to view a house? Read these tips first. The mortgage interest is low and the outlook for the housing market is good. So these are busy times for buyers and brokers. However, you must take plenty of time for viewing. The best options for the same come with now.

Why view a house?

Why would you view a house these days? After all, you can get a better picture of the home through the various house sites. With 360 degree photos and films, it is even like walking around the house. Still, viewing is still necessary to get a good impression of a home.

Make an appointment for a viewing

For a viewing please contact the selling broker. This can be done simply by calling or emailing and indicating that you are interested in viewing also state which days and times you prefer. The broker then contacts the seller to ask if the viewing comes out. It is normal that the current occupants are not present when you view the house.

Tip: during the Open House Day you can view houses without an appointment and broker. Read more about the pros and cons of the Open House Day.

The rules for a viewing

Viewing a house is entirely free of obligation, both for you and the selling party. Only when you make an offer, you and the buyer must observe a number of rules. Here you can read more about the steps for buying a property.

You can always bring someone extra with you. This is advisable even if you know someone with technical knowledge, architectural insight or experience with buying a house. Do you want to view the house again after the first viewing? Then this is of course possible. It is also advisable to take photos. Just ask the broker properly.

Points of interest during the viewing checklist

Go and view both the house and the neighborhood. Pay attention to the following points:

View the neighborhood

A viewing starts the moment you go to the property. Is the address easily accessible? And what about parking? Also always explore the neighborhood just before or after the viewing. Does the neighborhood have the desired facilities of shops, child-friendly?

Tip: you can already explore the neighborhood online with Google Maps prior to viewing.

View the house

Always check the house for the following basic provisions and important points of interest:

Heating central: how old, state of maintenance, where present, current occupant costs.

Electricity: at the desired places, sufficient groups, condition of the wiring, sockets grounded, costs current resident.

Water: capacity hot water, sufficient faucets also outside.

Bathroom and kitchen: age and condition of the equipment, layout as desired.

Insulation: single or double glazing, be aware of drafts and cold, noisy, floor insulation.

Ventilation: sufficient present, important in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Pay attention to damp spots.

Windows and doors: inside and outside, window material, state of repair, rotten areas, paintwork.

Hinges and locks: burglary protection, police mark, on which doors and windows.

From the basement to the roof: view the house and any outbuildings; from inside and outside and from top to bottom.

The other points of interest for the viewing have to do with your wishes and taste. Therefore make a wish list in advance.

Tip: print this checklist and take it as a checklist with a viewing.