Best Storytelling Activity for Corporate Team Building

Team Building Singapore
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A good team must be built to attain any success in the work. There are many activities to develop a good understanding of team members. The activities can be classified into indoor activities and outdoor activities. The activities will help the team members to attain a great understanding and enhance their skills as a team member. A good team member must accept the views of other people and have the skills of acceptance and adjustment. These skills can be enhanced among the team members by just playing these kinds of activities. This is one of the Team Building Singapore .

Team Building Singapore

One of the best indoor activities to develop coordination among the team members is Campfire Stories. This is a classic game which inspires the team member to involve in the act of storytelling. It will help the team members to attain a bonding between the team members. All the members of a team will gather in a circle form and will share their own experiences in the workplace. In this manner, one will easily develop the skill of explaining things to other people and also develop the skill of understanding other team members. This activity will also give a chance to recollect the old memories and so the task will be not boring.

A Valid Session of Storytelling:

This activity can have around 6 to 20 participants. The whole activity can last to 45 minutes as each and every member should be given a chance to tell their experiences. The main motive behind this activity is to give the team members an informal training to encourage the participants to share their common experiences. The team members can create a set of words that can help to start the session of storytelling. The sample words for this activity are work travel, first day, and side project. These words can be added to the sticky notes.

Share Your Memorable Experiences:

One can divide the whiteboard into two and post all the sticky notes of the team members on one side of the board. Then the team members are allowed to pick one word from the sticky notes and are asked to share their own experiences on the above word. Then the sticky notes will be shifted to the other side of the whiteboard. The other team members can jot down some words from the story and add them to the other side of the whiteboard. Thus, the process can be repeated until the team members can share their own experience from the words which are interconnected from the whiteboard.

This activity involves the strategy of storytelling as it is the most important skill needed by the team members to excel in their field. One must develop the skill of storytelling as it is the heart of the sharing experience. All the team members should develop this skill with this activity which will benefit the members in all aspects. Thus, this is a great game in which the people will have great enthusiasm for participating without getting bored. There are some other games such as the memory wall and Code of Conduct. These are the best indoor activities to enhance the understanding of the team members.