Are Online Casino Roulette Random?

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The game of roulette was introduced in the 18th century in France and since then it has become one of the most loved games by many people and also an inseparable part of the casino industry. This game was invented by a French inventor and mathematician called Blaise Pascal. It is believed that he was trying to make a perpetual motion machine at that time. After the invention, this game was introduced to the whole of Europe and after that, it became a favorite game of many people of that continent. After winning the heart of many Europeans, the game reached the rest of the world where a major change was brought in this game and that was the addition of the number zero. After the addition of the number zero pocket, the house edge was doubled.

Even after centuries roulette didn’t lose its status of being the best and the most iconic gambling game in casinos and that is the reason we can still find this game in every casino. After the domination of the internet, the game pulled more people towards itself. There are so many judi roulette online websites that are trusted and secured just like casino sbobet which can help you to access this game. Some variations were done in order to enhance the player’s experience. Those variations are really impressive in context to authenticity but many people feel a little awkward not seeing a real ball spinning on the wheel while playing this game. This causes the rise of a question which is; ‘ is online roulette random as it supposed to be?’ If you are someone who has this doubt then we are here to provide the answer to this question.

The Randomness of Results in Roulette

Being subjected to the law of independent trail (which is obviously a so-called one) is one of the traits of this game. This doesn’t imply other casino games like blackjack which is also really famous. In such games, each hand you play affects the results of subsequent hands. For example, let’s imagine a scenario in which you dealt two aces in a single deck game. The probability of getting another ace is you hit are reduced as you are already having two out of four aces.

This is not the case with roulette as in this game all the results are completely independent of one another. This means that every result is unique and is not affected by any factor, not even the previous spins. There is no way possible through which you can predict the coming number by taking the previous spin under consideration.

When it comes to the offline or land-based casino, the randomness of the result is due to the random setup of the numbers of the devil’s wheel as the numbers are not in any specific order. The same case can be spotted in an online casino. In a nutshell, each number on the European roulette has an equal chance to appear. All 37 numbers have the same probability of a ball landing on them. The chances of hitting any specific number would always be 36 to 1 as there are 36 ways to lose the bet and just one number that can help you to win. Just like this, in case you have won with black on the last round, the chances of hitting black once again on the next spin will be the same.

As a roulette player, it is important for you to know that the spins in the roulette game are statistically bonded to some level. It is not impossible for black to hit multiple times continuously but it is highly unlikely for this situation to take place from the context of statistics. The only thing that affects this is how much you play the game and how many results are factored in.

Have you ever heard of the law of large numbers AKA law of averages? according to this law the frequencies of events having the same chances of occurring, tend to even out provided that enough trails are at hand. When we talk about probability, enough trails means millions of times. This means, if a player plays one million spins wagering on red/black, nearly half of the time, the player will get red and for another half, he/she will get black. But this will not be the case if someone plays just ten spins.

Along with the above-mentioned law, there is something interesting that comes. Many times players use an insignificant number of trails unintentionally or mistakenly to illustrate the law of averages and this is called the gambler’s fallacy. For example, For example, one player won with an Odd number wager multiple times in succession and this would persuade him/her that they should wager on Even next time as an even number is yet to come. They simply assume the frequencies of the outcomes. This is not even near the truth as every win is independent there is no connection with what has come in the past.

In land-based casinos sometimes a player might come across the wheels that are known to be biased or crooked wheels. These wheels are recognized to change the randomness of the spin and the result coming out of it. This is because certain numbers have a higher probability to spin as compared to other numbers. This happens due to some manufacturing problems of the wheel and also due to the prolonged usage of the wheel.

There are two types of biased wheels. One favors particular numbers and in the second one the ball prefers the entire sector covering a greater cluster of the pockets.

This problem is only faced in a land-based casino and not online. This is so far the only thing known that could affect the randomness of the result. So there you have it, the answer to your question is NO. The result in an online casino is completely random and there is nothing that can change it. Now you can go online and play this game without stressing out on this topic.